White Night Melbourne 2014

White Nights traditionally refer to the period around the Summer Solstice in areas of high altitude, which experience almost entire nights of complete sunlight. In regions such as Russia and Scandinavia, June generally means there is very little period of darkness. In the Northernmost point of Finland, the sun does not set at all for a period of 60 days.

However, over time the term White Night has been reconceptualised to incorporate activities and festivals rather distantly associated to sunlit nights. The Nuit Blanche (French for white night) was officially founded by Jean Blaise in Paris in 2002 after the deputy Mayor invited Blaise to host an event. A single, all-night long celebration showcasing the streets of Paris as an exciting contemporary art scene ensued. The White Night Festival is now an annual event celebrated in over 23 major cities across the globe. Australia’s cultural capital, Melbourne, is one such city. 
white night melbourne2013 marked the debut of the White Night Melbourne Festival in Australia. And Melbourne’s  12-hour arts and cultural celebration certainly didn’t disappoint. Over 300,000 people flocked to White Night Melbourne in 2013 from all around the country and even the world to experience the wonder of viewing Melbourne lit up at night. The night features street performances, exhibitions, art and lighting installations, film screenings, fashion displays, concerts, dance shows and classes and plenty of interactive events. And it’s central location makes staying at Melbourne CBD hotel accommodation easy and convenient.

Yet in 2014 on the 22nd February, word on the street is that the flamboyant celebration is set to be bigger – in budget, geographical size and number of installations and performances – and better than…well, last year.

White Night Melbourne is a 12 hour long celebration from dawn until dusk (officially 7pm-7am) which completely transforms Melbourne’s city centre into one huge cultural playground. The family friendly event runs from the National Gallery of Victoria in the South right up to around RMIT and the State Library in the North. Melbourne’s streets, laneways, cultural institutions and public venues will all be radically transformed and resplendently lit so as to create an entirely new space, perhaps closer to your conceptions of Wonderland than ordinary Melbourne.

white-night melbourne

A secret garden, tattooed city, molecular kaleidoscopes at the State Library, synchronised dance shows at Melbourne baths, light tunnels and interactive pom pom making are just some of the smaller events being hosted on the night. The major venues include a completely metamorphosed Flinders Street Station, which becomes a rustic, perfectly amplified music venue, the wonderland precinct which sees all the major buildings and laneways of Flinders Street lit up in a majestic sea of vibrant lighting illuminations, a special Bond James exhibition at the Melbourne Museum and a huge R & B music stage on Bourke Street.

Essentially, every nook, every secret passageway and every corner of the Melbourne CBD will have something intriguing, astonishing or entertaining to show you. White Night Melbourne is an explorative journey of hidden wonders and dazzling spectacles. Victorian Prime Minister, Denis Napthine, believes the more exciting and more innovative White Night Festival of 2014 will truly put Melbourne on the map as “one of the greatest arts and culture cities of the world”. And that to me sounds like something you don’t want to miss out on.

Make a weekend of this incredible festival by central right in the heart of the action at Swanston Hotel. With art installations, music performances and interactive shows right at your doorstep you simply can’t pass up a getaway like this. Because White Night Melbourne is the only festival of its kind in Australia, anyone in the country on the night of Saturday 22nd February has no valid reason not to be in the centre of Melbourne’s flamboyant family-friendly celebration. Then get some shut eye the following day at Swanston Street Melbourne CBD hotel accommodation. Book your flights and plan your trip now to avoid missing out on this lavish and exciting annual event.

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