Weekly Travel News 28th January

Here is all the latest travel news and updates from Australia and around the world.

Dubai airport

Dubai Airport

Qantas Scraps Fuel Surcharges but Flight Prices Still Increase

Qantas has announced it will scrap fuel surcharges to match falling oil prices, but admits that it will bump up flight prices to make up the difference in its margins. Any drop in ticket price will reportedly erode profit margins, which are as low as $6 a passenger. Earlier this month the Australian competition and consumer commission said it would investigate airlines suspected of misleading consumers through fuel surcharges. Airlines started adding fuel surcharges onto fares in response to rising oil prices.

Air China Announced Direct Flights Melbourne-Beijing

Air China announced today that they will soon be offering direct flights from Melbourne to Beijing. The airline will offer four flights a week from June 1st and increase to a daily service from January 25th next year. Toursim Minister John Ehren says the direct flights will bring one of the world’s biggest tourism markets ever closer to our shores, supporting local jobs and businesses and contributing billions to our economy.

New Zealand’s World Journeys is Coming to Australia

New Zealand boutique wholesaler, world journeys, is opening a Sydney office to offer its range of products and services to Australian travellers. Australian director of sales and marketing and Mark snoxell told travel today it will offer trips for travellers with a keen interest in long haul destinations rather than the cheapest package holiday to the islands. World Journeys’ success is “underpinned by carefully designing personalised itineraries that are truly inspiring and full of alluring local character” he said. The company will launch a dedicated Australian website next week and Snoxell hopes it will fill the current void between vast amalgamated travel companies and small niche providers.

Dubai International Airport Takes Over Heathrow as Top Travel Hub

Dubai’s international airport has overtaken london’s heathrow airport as the top hub in international travel after handling 70.47 million passengers in 2014. Traffic at the airport increased 6.1% last year and Dubai international expects the number of travellers to increase to 79 million this year. Heathrow handled 68.1 million international passengers in 2014. Dubai international is home to Emirates airline, the Middle East’s largest carrier which holds a large portion of travel between the West, Asia and Australasia.

The UN Reported the Number of International Tourists is at an All Time High

The United Nations World Tourism Organisation reported yesterday that the number of international tourists reached 1.13 billion in 2014, which is 51 million more than in 2013. This represents the fifth consecutive year of above average growth since the 2009 economic crisis. UNWTO secretary general Taleb Rifai said tourism has proven to be a surprisingly strong and resilient economic activity and a fundamental contributor to the economic recovery by generating billions of dollars in exports and creating millions of jobs. The latest figures show the strongest growth to be in the Americas and Asia and the pacific.

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