United Global SIM and the Clan of the Black Death

It had got down to the final two. The online world was holding their breath. And then disaster struck.

Jeffrey was a star within his alliance. He was a master swordsman of the Black Death Clan. One by one every alliance they faced had fallen before them. Each of them forced to bend he knee.

But the Black Death Clan were not alone in their rise to power. Tribe of Fury had done the same – cutting a swathe through the jumble of alliances who had foolishly opposed them.

And after six months the inevitable could no longer be postponed.


35c8cd0fecea02b0f29b34e5907205591372260936_largeThe Black Death Clan readied themselves. Each player’s online avatar was equipped with the best swords and armor the players could scrounge from the game – anything they had either won through fighting or stolen through raids. The heads of each group parleyed to negotiate terms of engagement, so that neither might be disadvantaged. Everyone thrilled at the thought of this, the final battle for supremacy.


Just as negotiations were reaching an agreement the leader of Tribe of Fury did something unexpected.

He sent a message. It read: ‘Each of our clans have waged many battles to get to this point. We have lost many good characters (avatars). And now we face the bloodiest battle of all. Why? Why must we lose so many more characters in a contest that either one of us may win? We of the Tribe of Fury issue the Black Death Clan a challenge: Our champion against your own. Winner takes all.’


And though they looked forward to the great battle many of the clan acknowledged the wisdom behind this challenge. Why risk the death of hundreds when the death of one could accomplish the same? And so the Black Death Clan looked for a champion.


SwordsmanThere was much fighting, much posturing, and not a little manoeuvring, but eventually the honor fell to Jeffery. The news was relayed to Tribe of Fury. The time of the duel set.

The online world held its breath.


Twenty hours before the duel Jeffrey received a phone call. He was needed at an industry conference in another country. He was needed right away. This was not a hoax. This was his work boss, not some silly game. A boarding pass accompanied the email. He left in six hours.


Jeffrey was gutted. His leaders begged Tribe of Fury to postpone the duel. They refused. ‘If your champion does not attend then you forfeit,’ was all they said. The Black Death Clan began to look for a replacement, but there were none to Jeffrey’ standard.


simCardsWith three hours before take-off one of the newer Black Death members produced a solution. United Global SIM offer SIM cards that operate in more than 900 networks in over 230 countries. Even better – they offered data roaming, so that Jeffrey could play the game from his laptop.


At the agreed time, groggy from jetlag, Jeffrey took control of his avatar. He was a little unsure of how his character would react. Would it be slower? Would there be drop-outs? He needn’t have worried. The United Global SIM connected to multiple networks simultaneously. It looked for networks in the host country and connected. The directions Jeffrey gave his avatar were routed in the fastest, safest possible way.


At one o’clock in the morning the hotel Jeffrey was staying in was woken by a victory cry.

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