Typical Australian Souvenirs

Australian souvenirs

When you visit Australia, you’re in for a whole new experience. The culture is different, the climate is different, and the native animals are different. We have all kinds of weird rules and road signs, and our sense of humour is one of a kind. So when you head home, you’ll no doubt want to take a piece of this crazy country with you, and share your travels with family and friends. The Australian souvenirs industry is a thriving hotspot for tourists from all over, offering up classic koala keychains, Aboriginal jewellery or artworks, and Australian flags galore. No matter what part of Australia you find yourself in, you’re bound to stumble upon a corner store, tourist attraction or post office that’s jam-packed with memorabilia that will forever remind you of Oz. Australian souvenirs are an inevitable part of travelling downunder, and you’ll go home with far too many. I’ve picked out my personal favourite novelty items and Australian souvenirs you’re likely to come across while travelling in the sunny country.

Expect to see these Australian souvenirs…

Koala keychains

Australian souvenirOr kangaroo keychains, or even wombat keychains. The native wildlife in Australia is consistently replicated in fluffy keychains for tourists everywhere to enjoy. Often decked out in the Aussie colours of green and gold, these legends keep the Australian souvenir industry in business. Some keychain varieties opt for the unofficial shoe of Australia – the thong – or an amusing example of wildlife-specific road signs. To a local, these might seem odd and a tad ridiculous, but for international visitors, these Australian souvenirs represent all that’s different about the land downunder.

Australian souvenirs

Aboriginal art

Whether you’re fascinated by the intricacies of Aboriginal dot painting, or you just think the Didgeridoo is amusing, you’ll love the extensive range of Aboriginal art on offer. All over Australia, you can buy Aboriginal jewellery, ceramics and boomerangs to take home and show off. And only in Australia could you find and buy an Aboriginal beaded necklace  that illustrates the rich culture and heritage of the country. Australian souvenirs typically incorporate Aboriginal art, but if you’re after quality stuff, check out the Aboriginal Art Store for more.


 Aussie flag items

Australian souvenirsWhen it comes to Australian souvenirs, everywhere you look there’ll be something decked out in the good old Aussie flag. Keychains, bikinis, capes, hats – you name it, Australia’s got it. But one of the favourite pieces of Australian memorabilia you’ll find is the stubbie holder. Aussies love their beer, and they love their beer cold, so stubbies are a favourite amongst many. The majority are, unsurprisingly, made in the design of the Australian flag; blue background, a few stars, and a union jack for the Motherland. And if you’re ever invited to a typical Aussie BBQ, and you show up with a few of these, you’ll be guaranteed a beer and an invite to the next party.

Australian souvenirs are part of the fun of travelling downunder. Not only do you get to laugh at the strange road signs and the amusing looking wildlife, but you get to take a little bit of it home in the form of a keychain or fluffy toy. It’s tradition to collect trivial, odd Australian souvenirs during your time here, and share them with friends back home. So if you’re travelling round the great southern land, grab yourself a few of these fun things – I promise they’ll never disappoint.

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