Trundle’s ABBA Festival Draws A Huge Crowd In 2015!

The ABC’s Landline program offers viewers fascinating insights into rural life and culture in Australia. This week, the program reported on the positive impacts of a festival on a small NSW country town. Trundle, a tiny town with a population of just 700, has revitalised itself thanks to the ABBA Festival, now in its fourth year.

Tourists and guests are encouraged to cut loose and to embrace the fun and frivolity of the 70’s disco sensations. Complete with a costume and dance competition, the Trundle ABBA Festival offers local residents the chance to engage with one another and with the broader regional community.

Festival organising committee member, Andrew Rawsthorne, told the national broadcaster that the tourist-friendly event was culturally and economically significant for locals. “It’s generating a lot of income for the Trundle business community, it’s helping create a positive image for the community – it’s a huge morale boost; everyone gets together and has a wonderful time,” he explained.

Mr. Rawsthorne credits the ABBA Festival with renewing the town’s sense of purpose and ingenuity. “I don’t believe there’s any reason for any small regional community to falter and die,” he noted. “I think small regional communities only falter and die when good men and women do nothing.”

Björn Again, the world’s most popular ABBA tribute band, were also in attendance at this year’s festival, with vocalist Helen Nicholson complimenting the charming small-town event.

“We’ve been dropped in the outback in the middle of this wonderful town where everyone is dressed to the nines in all their costumes and embraced it, so much,” Ms. Nicholson said. Fellow band member Chrystal Hegadis said the band had likely found its ideal setting. “ABBAsolutely. Yes! We will be back!”

It’s a heart-warming story and one that reminds readers and viewers of the potential for revitalisation through the tourism industry. With holiday makers and ABBA fans beginning to flock to the unique celebration, it looks like Trundle is no longer sending an economic ‘S.O.S’ signal.

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