A True Australian Experience

Australian experience

When it comes to visiting Australia, there are some things you just have to do. Catch a ferry under the Harbour Bridge, swim in the Great Barrier Reef, see Uluru in the Red Centre. Wherever you come from, or wherever you’re going home to, people will want to tick off an imaginary Australian checklist. Did you see a koala? Tick. Did you go surfing? Tick. What about riding a kangaroo down the main street of Sydney? Tick. No. And nothing beats an Australian experience like a true Australian experience. Luckily for you, we’re true locals here, and we can give you the lowdown on how to fit right in with the real Australian culture…

Road Trip

Nothing says true Aussie like a sweaty summers’ road trip up the east coast of Australia. Byron Bay, Brisbane, Noosa and Cairns are ultimate hotspots that you absolutely have to visit. While travelling, you can hang out with the hippies in Byron – no shoes allowed – or snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef at Cairns. Living out of a van is something all Australians will do at least once. We like to make friends, we like to travel, and we like to hang out on the beach. Road trips are the perfect answer to all your holiday questions. For a real Australian experience, check out Hippie Camper for some campervan heaven.

Australian experience


If you don’t surf while in Australia, you can’t say you had a real Australian experience. Surfing is as much a part of Aussie culture as barbeques and shorts. Take away surfing and it’s like taking away the Opera House. Ok, you get the picture. It’s easy to either rent a board, buy some lessons or buy your own board and go crazy. Surf schools operate all along the east coast of Australia, but if you already know how to handle a board, The Grom can fix you up with some cheap boards to trail around Oz. And for the beginner kind, if you’re keen to grab a cheap board for your entire stay, you can buy online Elnino Softboards in Australia, which are easy to use and hard to damage. And if the softboards don’t suit your taste, you can also buy online Elnino Foam Surfboards in Australia. The Grom also has a whole bunch of other neat tricks, like wetsuits, legropes and board racks for the car you’re driving around Australia!

Visit a farm

Australian experienceI know, I know – we just told you to road trip up the coast, surfing, and now we’re encouraging a visit to the farm? Madness. But the Australian experience also incorporates the long farming history that’s kept us going for hundreds of years. Exploring the countryside, seeing the wildlife, and having a go at milking a cow are all a part of the Australian experience. There are a few fun things to do while travelling to a traditional Aussie farm. You can either enjoy a luxury farm stay and put your feet up, or you can go a little more traditional, shearing sheep, meeting locals at the pub and sitting around a bush campfire. Now, that’s an Australian experience!

Australia is one of those crazy, unexpected countries for any tourist. We’re a mash-up of city and beaches, farms and gumtrees, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. To feel like you’re a true local, and experience a diverse Australian experience, these are some of the things you definitely can’t miss.

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Growing up in Santa Cruz, California, I was a keen surfer and beach junkie from early on. My first overseas trip was to the Caribbean, and I've been chasing the summer sun ever since. I wrapped up my media degree at uni, and decided to move to Australia. The land downunder is full of beaches, babes and brilliant adventures. I'm just hitch-hiking my way around this sunny paradise, one travel blog at a time.
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