Travel Tasmania: The Franklin River

Franklin RiverTasmania is one of those places you may never visit, even if you live in Australia. It seems like such a distant land, compared to say, Melbourne or Sydney. Making the trek just that little bit further to Tasmania isn’t something a whole lot of people are doing. But that means that a whole lot of people are missing out. Tasmania is, in fact, this isolated little island full of beauty and charisma. The scenery is to-die-for, with the brilliant silence of the mountain tops one of the most majestic experiences you’re likely to have in Australia. This gorgeous country has some seriously awe-inspiring sights, and Tasmania’s Franklin River is atop that list. This is one place in Australia you’ll definitely want to visit.

The Franklin River

The Franklin River spans 125km through Tasmania, carving its way through some of the most beautiful, rugged and inaccessible country in the world. Its significance was recognised in 1982, when it was listed as a World Heritage Area. And what’s the best way to explore this magnificent region? White Water Rafting, of course! The Franklin River Rafting company offers some of the most exciting tours of the region, whilst splashing through the river’s rocky spots. Expeditions run in 5, 7 and 10 day tours, with delicious foods sampled and knowledgable guides rafting you down the river.

Franklin RiverBut as most would know, white water rafting isn’t exactly the safest activity to do while on holidays, so there are a few extra considerations you’ll need to consider. As locals, you’ll no doubt have your own Health Insurance in order to protect yourself in case of accidents in your daily life. However, most Australians forget that while holidaying in Australia, you still need travel insurance. Cheap Travel Insurance in Australia is still important, even though you haven’t left your home country, and that’s why you should look into domestic travel insurance to cover you for anything unforeseen happening on your trip. HIF can make sure you’re all sorted before embarking on your white water adventures, because trust us, this is one place you’ll want your body, belongings and wellbeing insured!

Tasmania is definitely a place you should visit at least once. Australians tend to neglect that little piece of land down south of Oz, but with all its natural beauty and serenity, we recommend you add it on that bucket list of places to see in this lifetime. It’s a trip you won’t forget, and with a trail along the Franklin River, the wonders of Tasmania will just take your breath away.

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