Tourism Research Australia Reveal Upswing In Aussie Tourism!

An iconic view...

An iconic view…

More than six and a half million visitors have flocked to Australia’s golden shores and sunny cities in the last year, proving our domestic tourism industry is making a comeback. According to Tourism Research Australia, this year Australian tourism received an eight per cent bump! But how can we account for the sudden rise in tourist numbers?

Tourism Australia CEO John O’Sullivan told SBS that Australia was having a banner tourism year. “We’ve had some major event traffic in the beginning of the year,” he said. “The Cricket World Cup. The Asian World Cup. But we’ve also had a phenomenal Chinese New Year.”

Predictably, the data revealed that the highest proportion of visitors hailed from New Zealand. Interestingly, the number of visitors from India jumped by an incredible 25 per cent. Similarly, the data evidenced the impact of Chinese tourists and the flow-on effects of their record expenditure within Australia.

According to Tourism Research Australia, 829,000 Chinese nationals visited Australia over the past year, spending an estimated $6.5 billion within the local economy. The end-result has been a boom in receipts for both small-scale tourism operators and those operating at the big end of town. But how have local agents made the most of the halcyon days?

Business Events Sydney CEO Lyn Lewis-Smith says that Australian operators are simply making the most of a good situation. “They are shopping, they are eating at our restaurants and they are visiting our attractions and cultural icons. They want an immersive experience in our Indigenous culture, they are really inquisitive as to where our heritage comes from,” Ms. Lewis-Smith told SBS, implying that the boom was perhaps happening in China.

Locally, Ms. Lewis-Smith  says that small and larger businesses can do more to draw in the spending dollar. “Mandarin speaking staff, free Wi-Fi to get them through the door. Offer China UnionPay because it’s the bankcard for the Chinese, and be savvy with your pricing because this clientele knows the difference between your prices and the internet.”

Now there’s some good advice from a knowledgeable source!

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