Top Travel Trends in 2015

poshtelA new study by the World Travel Market Report has revealed the top travel trends for 2015. The report revealed that more travellers than ever will eat locally, stay in posh hostels – aka poshtels – and use technology like smartwatches to plan their trips.

On top of this, the increased popularity of cycling holidays is set to threaten golf tourism and Africa has been named the top surfing spot. Peer to peer dining with home meals, cooking lessons or guided food tours will be all the rage in Europe and hotel chains will increasingly offer reward schemes set up to encourage positive reviews or photos on social media.

The Middle East is also repositioning itself with design tourism to attract creative minds, India’s rail network should increase in online and mobile bookings, WeChat, the world’s 2nd largest global messaging service will emerge as a viable sales channel for Chinese travel companies.

Two of the biggest takeaways from the study are ‘poshtels’ and braggies’, reflecting tourism operators’ response to a change in lifestyle shifts and consumer habits. A ‘poshtel’ is a hybrid between a hotel and hostel and is targeted towards the growing clientele of budget travellers looking to save a few dollars while also enjoying a more glamorous hotel experience. Many hostels are now offering restaurants, twin en-suite rooms, free Wi-Fi and breakfast as part of their package in order to compete with boutique hotels.

‘Braggies’ is also a new term to look out for. This involves taking pictures and uploading it to social media in order to brag about their exotic holiday experience. Look at any Facebook or Instagram page and you’d be hard-pressed to not find any such photos. Hotels have capitalised on this trend to offer customers free perks and rewards if they post their photos to the accommodation’s Facebook or Instagram accounts.

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