Top 5 Tourist Sydney Pubs

Pubs are the perfect place for travellers to hang out because it provides them with an enjoyable, entertaining and authentic experience of a particular area. Sydney pubs are not only relatively cheap places to quench a thirst or satisfy your growling tummy, but they are also often highly sophisticated, feature live music and have a huge variety of rooms to suit any occasion or whatever mood you’re in.

The great thing about Sydney pubs is that you can get a fantastic feed without the fancy clothes or huge price tag, receive easy and quality service and either party, listen to music, eat, drink, watch sport or any combination thereof depending on what you feel like. With restaurant paging systems in Australia, you can ensure you’ll receive a freshly cooked pub meal, quickly and easily.

A compilation of  Good Food Guides, Magazine’s lists of top pubs in Sydney, award winners and personal preference, here is a list of the top 7 tourist Sydney pubs.

1. The Glenmore Hotel, The Rocks

The fantastic view of this pub, which is located in the prime location of the Rocks is top of the list not only because of its majestic view overlooking Sydney’s harbour. It was also chosen because it is a three story 91 year old heritage listed building that was only re-opened last year in 2012. Whether you relax on the balcony of the Glenmore’s cocktail bar and lounge or soak up the views from the rooftop, you’ll be guaranteed a priceless experience from one of the most incredibly pubs in Sydney.

2. Coogee Bay Hotel, Coogee Beach

You can’t have a list of Sydney pubs without including one situated on one of it’s world famous beaches. The Coogee Bay Hotel is a renowned nighttime destination that makes Coogee Beach one of the most popular destinations for tourists during both day and night. And with a gourmet brasserie and seven bars, lounges and beer gardens, why wouldn’t it?

3. The Imperial Hotel, Paddington

Located on the shopping precinct of Sydney and in the centre of one of the city’s busiest and most bustling dining and nighttime scenes, the Imperial Hotel is a must-visit when it comes to Sydney pubs. On account of its wonderful atmosphere, exquisite pub cuisine and excellent service the Imperial Hotel was named the best bar in NSW by SMH Good Pub Food Guide 2013.

4. Newport Arms Hotel, Newport

Claiming the title as Sydney’s largest waterfront beer garden and family hotel, Newport Arms is a remarkable landmark, restaurant and hotel. Witness the natural splendours of Sydney’s Northen Beaches and Ku-Ring Gai National park while sipping a cocktail or munching on delectable mediterranean dishes.

5. The Abercrombie Hotel

Although not the most glamourous of Sydney pubs, the Abercrombie is a fantastic location for students or backpackers to enjoy some lazy arvo drinks, which will later turn into exciting nighttime shenanigans. Get the classic pub experience here complete with friendly waiters who all have staff pagers Australia, Aussie beers and lagers and a good old chicken schnitty. LRS Australia ensure that Sydney pubs will provide you with the real pub deal.

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