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There’s something exhilarating to be said about preparing for an adventure. It’s an essential step to starting your journey. Whether you’re planning a trip to modern metropolis to indulge yourself with good food, wine and culture or you’re planning an all out Indiana Jones style expedition to a distant remote location for an unknown duration of time on foot, you are going to want take the necessary steps to make sure you’ve got all your essential gear.

Making your transition to starting your journey as seamless as possible, it’s important to consider your electronic lifestyle. Laptops, tablets, smart phones. Obviously it depends on the type of traveling you are going to be doing. On camping trips I like to pack a USB external battery and sometimes a mini solar panel. A civilized stroll through Melbourne and I might not be harnessing the elements for my survival as enthusiastically. As for your cyber life, most people like to keep in touch through social networking and it can be a real hassle when you pack everything, get to your destination and realise your phone is having problems, your service provider doesn’t work and you can’t even google your way out of this one!

Now you could potentially pack a sim card for every geographical land mass you encounter however, I would instead highly recommend looking for an international service provider that will cover you wherever you go. United Global Sim is a great example of a company offering a turn key solution for a common problem.

As tough as it may be deciding on a carrier and it’s important to shop around and look for something suited towards your needs. Whether it’s a business trip, the next hangover sequel or a bit of both, I would rate flexibly quite highly on the scale. It’s always great to know that you have the freedom to change something at the flick of a switch, especially if it’s your holiday.

Solar-panels-mobile-phone-6V-2W-efficient-solar-panel-charger-2-watts-a-photovoltaic-panel-USBData rates are another important factor. Make sure when you’re comparing services, try to match up the most similar plans based on both download and upload speeds. Also, consider the cost and the contract when choosing a plan, make sure you read the fine print and know the terms and conditions. Reliability is also a big factor, check online for coverage, customer support and reviews to back it all up.

Last but not least, customer support. I would turn to user reviews when deciding on a service provider that’s good for you. The last thing you need is a service that goes sour after you get to your destination.

This was article was made possible with the support of United Global Sim, telecommunication experts.


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