Tips For The Perfect Australian Road Trip

A road trip is about as Australian as it gets. The idea of seeing our great country by road is nothing new, but it is a great way to get off the beaten path and explore less travelled road. For the perfect Aussie road adventure, we recommend the following items…

Hit the highway in search of adventure...

Hit the highway in search of adventure…

Sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses. Australian roads are harsh and forbidding, so be sure to take care of yourself and bring along some protective gear. A hat will help reflect the sun’s direct rays, while the sunglasses will make driving and travelling easier. In addition to these items, always make sure you have an ample supply of water in the car (both for the engine and you).

Road safety gear. A tyre iron, a jack and a tool kit are often needed for extended periods of country travelling. Most cars come equipped with a spare tyre, but just double check yours before leaving home! A funnel and some tape are often very useful, as are Swiss Army knives and other accessories. A reflective vest is also good for night time repairs.

Current maps or a good GPS system. GPS doesn’t always function well out in the country, so an up to date map is the best way to ensure your safety and direction. Visit a local map shop and pick up large and detailed maps. They won’t take up much room in your glove compartment, but they’ll definitely be a handy add-on to your list!

A camping gazebo. Many of Australia’s most idyllic spots feature very little in the way of amenities. To make the most of your time, a camping style gazebo is the best bet. You can erect the free standing structure in a matter of minutes, and you’re always guaranteed a shady spot for a meal or a much needed break. Generally, they fold away easily too.

A current Australian (or international) driver’s license. It sounds like obvious advice, but always make sure you have the proper credentials for driving in Australia. An international driver’s license can be arranged well ahead of schedule or within Australia, so don’t fear an overly complex process!

With these handy hints in mind, your Australian road trip will be a breeze!

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