Have You Thought About… Brisbane?

For visitors to the Great Southern Land, the prospect of travelling across our vast continent can be daunting. Where do you start, and what are the highlights? Most people will have time restrictions, so it’s worth making some hard decisions about where you want to travel. But it must be noted that visiting Queensland, Australia’s most tropical state, is something of a must. It’s the home of the Great Barrier Reef (of course) and a bevy of other tourist attractions, as well as one of Australia’s quirkiest cities: Brisbane.

Teeming with charming local life and Australiana, Brisbane has become a cultural hotspot for good food, hip living and fun culture. The museum and gallery scene is as vibrant as its residents, and there are literally dozens of knock-out cafes within a small district. The nightlife is also pretty wild, offering revellers a host of hip and happening hot-spots. All in all, Brisbane is an up and coming cosmopolitan destination.

Outside of the city, there’s plenty of natural beauty on offer. As the city features a river in its landscape, it’s the best jumping off point for a heap of really memorable day trips. At Kangaroo Point, there are plenty of rock climbing and abseiling challenges, as well as an incredibly scenic bike route. But for the less outwardly active, there’s also the possibility of simply paddling downstream as the cityscape passes you by.

The picturesque Moreton Island!

The picturesque Moreton Island!

And then there’s the Moreton Bay and Islands area. This vast Eden offers tourists the opportunity to get active and throw themselves headlong into an adventure. Locals can often be found around this area snorkelling, diving, parasailing and generally living the good life. For interested travellers, it’s the perfect opportunity to try something completely different and embrace a whole new kind of outdoor activity.

So if tropical weather and balmy beaches sound good to you, then Queensland might be the perfect holiday destination! Remember to check out our website for further information and even more discussion of Australia’s many great cultural highlights.

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