Things to See and Do in Brisbane

As Australia’s third largest and and one of the fastest growing cities, Brisbane is an increasingly popular place to settle down, with nearly 1000 people making the move to this subtropical urban paradise every week. Although Brisbane has often traditionally been viewed as a rather dull or lifeless cities, in recent years the Queensland capital city has emerged as one of the ideal locations in which to live or simply visit for a holiday.

So whether you’re considering the relocation and want to try before you buy, or you want to check out what all the growing hype is about, a trip to Brisbane will be  worthwhile experience any day of the week.

And there’s never been a better time to visit Brisbane, as the annual Brisbane Festival starts today and runs until 28th September. Check out the Brisbane Festival website to see all the exciting events taking place that you could be a part of.

South Bank

Easily one of the most renowned highlights of beautiful Brissy is the picturesque riverside area of South Bank. Complete with an exuberant dining scene, patches of subtropical rainforest, an expansive web of bike and footpaths, stunning views of Brisbane River and the CBD and of course who could forget the South Bank Beach, featuring life guards, sand and all.

Kangaroo Point is another popular area just opposite the river from South Bank which is complete with heaps of safe and scenic bikeways and is also very popular for rock climbing. And one of the best parts about Brisbane is that the bike paths aren’t just in isolated, popular areas, but run all throughout the city and suburbs. And with their bike hiring system in the CBD, it’s never been easier to get around.

Surrounding Area

Just outside of Brisbane lie some incredible scenic locations that provide outdoorsy activities for those looking to make the most of the incredible weather of the sunshine state. There is the Gold Coast just an hour South of Brisbane which it’s gorgeous beaches, action-packed theme parks and luscious rainforests. To the West lies the pristine subtropical forests of D’Agular National Park and Lake Manchester and out to the East, you can visit the natural coastal splendours of Stradboke and Moreton Islands.

Night Life

Affectionately known as Bris-Vegas, the city of Brisbane has an effervescent night life to suit visitors of all ages and tastes. So when the sun goes, down, that in no way means you have to as well. You could see a play at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, listen to the lilting tunes of a renowned orchestra at the heritage-listed Customs House, have a giggle or share a gasp at the Powerhouse Museum, or check out the vibrant bars and clubs in the Valley.


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