The Sydney Tea Festival 2015: A Big Cup Of Fun!

A truly warm event...

This year’s Sydney Tea Festival is nearly here! For lovers of the flavoursome beverage, the 2015 festival is sure to delight and enthral. Participants can immerse themselves in the culture of tea, with taste-testing and buying options to suit every palate. But the Sydney Tea Festival offers much more than just tea…

The festival is an interactive and engaging event designed for seasoned tea lovers and newcomers alike. There are educational workshops, free talks, tasting events and even a tea meditation event. Essentially, there is something for everyone! But for those after something a little less demanding and exhaustive, the festival offers easy access to a wide range of specialty teas and vendors.

More than fifty specialist stalls and producers participate in the event, and the ‘Tea Market’ is a fantastic way to learn everything you can about a substance that is adored the world over. Local food trucks and stalls will offer guests a variety of scrumptious meals and tea-appropriate snacks. And for those wishing to participate in day-long taste-testing, a $4.00 ‘tasting cup’ is also available upon entry! What could be better?

Ticketed sessions offer everything from informative workshops to entertaining discussions on the finer points of tea. Participants can learn about the production and proper preparation of tea, along with some other culturally interesting facets of tea culture, for example its relaxing nature and history. Tickets for the fascinating events can be purchased online through Eventbrite; but be sure to plan ahead and book your tickets well in advance!

For a wonderful day full of fun, flavour and folly, make sure you visit this year’s Sydney Tea Festival. It is a family-friendly event, so be sure to bring the little ones along for a dose of inner-city culture!

What: The Sydney Tea Festival 2015.
Where: Carriageworks, 245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh.
When: 16th of August, 2015.
For more information visit:

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