The Key Components of Australian Celebrations

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlthough Australian holidays often do not feature the historic traditions and customs of many other cultures, we do still pride ourselves on our ability to put on a fantastic Aussie party. Australian celebrations are often centred around the setting, the beverages and of course the food.

One of the most renowned aspects of Australia for both residents and tourists is its incredible outdoors. From a backyard BBQ around the pool on Australia Day to a beach trip on Christmas Day to a harbour cruise on the water for New Year’s Eve; a fundamental component of Aussie celebrations is being outdoors. No Australian holiday is complete without the fresh Australian air, the famous sunrays of Down Under warming your skin or the majestic cityscape of one of our major cities providing the background view. One of the major drawcards of living or visiting Australia is its stunning array of outdoor sights, particularly the water, combined with its illustrious cities. Combining these elements results in fabulous and authentically Australian celebrations.

Australians are also renowned for their love of beers and other alcoholic beverages. With such a diverse range of wineries and breweries throughout the country, Australia has a melange of quality wine, beer and spirits from which to choose when engaging in national celebrations. From a refreshing Aussie beer, such as Carlton Draught, to a fruity red wine, we are a country renowned for enjoying a variety of beverages alongside our reputation of throwing quality festivities.

Food has the ability to truly characterise an event: whether it be an informal ‘snag on the barbie’ or a truly sumptuous, gourmet menu. Food distinguishes luxurious events from casual family gatherings. Many Australians love to go that little bit further with a menu on national celebrations to set it apart from every other calendar day. Fresh turkeys or hams are typical on Christmas Day, alongside a suite of sides and salads. New Year’s Eve often warrants a more scrumptious offering of delicacies. From succulent canapés to opulent desserts, New Year’s Eve provides the perfect excuse to splash out on a more epicurean feast.

Far from being just a national celebration, New Year’s Eve is a near-universal event that unites MV Epicure CC Collagepeople across cultures and borders. Australia has its own way of celebrating this exciting event, which ideally coalesces all of these components. MV EPICURE I’s New Year’s Eve Harbour Cruise is an example of a lavish Australian celebration that combines an incredible and exclusive outdoor setting and an unparalleled offering of quality food and beverage. To celebrate your New Year’s Eve in quintessential Australian style, contact MV EPICURE today.

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