The Best Of The Inner-West!

Grab a coffee in Leichhardt!

Grab a coffee in Leichhardt!

If you’re a traveller enjoying Sydney, here’s a guide to the spots that might lie outside of the helpful path set by your Lonely Planet! There’s a lot of cultural diversity and social living in Sydney, so don’t be fooled by the sometimes urban exterior- get in there and enjoy it!

Newtown. If you’re in Sydney for a few days or more, Newtown is a must-see
Suburb. Brimming with cafes and hip eateries, Newtown is also a buzzing centre of nightlife and culture. There are buskers on almost every street corner, bustling pubs packed with locals and plenty of mouth-watering culinary options. It’s also easily reached by strolling through the CBD or by public transport (trains and buses).

Leichhardt. The best spot for a wood-fired pizza is in the heart of Sydney’s long-established Italian-Australian community. Initially designated as an Italo-Australian community in the fifties, Leichhardt has since changed its stripes. Though the pizzerias and cafes remain, there area has seen a steady influx of socially mobile families and students over the last few decades. Today, Leichhardt offers tourists a great way to see and feel the true extent of Australia’s multiculturalism.

Ashfield. One of Sydney’s top dinner spots in Ashfield. Just quick train trips from the CBD and the visitor is treated to a banquet of pan-Asian cuisine. There are wonderful regional Chinese restaurants, as well as generous helpings of Korean BBQ and fresh Vietnamese food. Visit just before the end of the working day to get a feel for Ashfield’s busy streets and shop-fronts.

Balmain. Nestled along Sydney’s waterways is the now completely gentrified suburb of Balmain. Once a working class stronghold, Balmain was the epicentre of Sydney wharf-life and union activity. Now its intimate laneways and public spaces have been retooled and the suburb has been dramatically reshaped. Grab a coffee in one of the areas many fine cafes, or perhaps enjoy a local meal of fish ‘n’ chips. Down by the wharf, visitors are treated to a view with a twist. Looking through a glass onion, one can see the cityscape from an entirely new perspective.

So get out and about and start enjoying Sydney’s Inner Western suburbs. It’s the best way to experience everyday life in Sydney first-hand!

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