The best jobs in the world

best jobs in the world

Tourism Australia has selected their finalists for the competition known as ‘The Best Jobs in the World’, with the catch phrase, ‘there’s nothing like Australia’. The 6 positions for jobs across Australia have been filled with their final applicants, and finalists will compete their last leg of the competition in Australia in June.

For those of you living under some sort of rock, ‘The Best Jobs in the World’ competition was a campaign to increase the amount of tourism brought into Australia from overseas. The competition advertises what Tourism Australia calls the  ‘Best Jobs in the World.’ These jobs fall into 6 categories, and involve everything from partying with VIPs to trekking across the outback.

the best jobs in the world

SIX of ‘the best jobs in the world’

Each category, complete with links to the 3 finalists and their video, can be found on the Tourism Australia website. They include…

  • Chief Funster, NSW. It involves reviewing festivals, tweeting, tagging and posting your opinions and being an all round Sydney VIP.
  • Lifestyle Photographer, Melbourne, VIC. This includes the chance to create new trends, build both city and country photo shoots and meet local identities, designers and artists.
  • Outback Adventurer, NT. Essentially gets you trekking through the outback, meeting the locals and having all kinds of adventures.
  • Park Ranger, QLD. Here you’ll patrol beaches where only your footprints can be found, swim in exotic waters and basically become a beach bum.
  • Taste Master, WA. This job will see you eating your way around the state, tasting the best of local produce and uncovering the top bars and restaurants.
  • Wildlife Caretaker, SA. This includes all things wildlife, from hanging with kangaroos to swimming with dolphins.

the best jobs in the world

For 6 months, the winners dance and discover their way around whatever state they applied for. They’ll see sites many Australians won’t have seen, and will seek to bring record numbers of tourists to the shores of Australia. Oh, and the pay isn’t too bad either – just your average $100, 000! I think it’s fair to say that these are undoubtedly the best jobs in the world, unless you can find a better one? Go on, I dare you!

Tourism Australia tells us the campaign has been working magic since its inception in March. STA and Virgin have had enormous spikes in bookings, just as local hostels like YHA  and Base Backpackers have reported record numbers in their bookings. The total number of applicants exceeded 150, 000, showing just how prominent this campaign has become. Keep your eyes peeled for the final round in June to decide who will be lucky enough to score one of the best jobs in the world.

the best jobs in the world

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