The 37th Annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade Hits Sydney!

The 37th Annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade has once again enlivened the Sydney CBD, treating thousands of tourists and onlookers to the show of a lifetime. With a five-kilometre-long conga line of entertainment and pure joy, it was hard not to embrace the all-out party atmosphere!

Sydney's LGBT community unites...

Sydney’s LGBT community unites…

Boasting more than a hundred and fifty floats, the epic parade showcased the best in local design, fashion and visual art. With thousands of participants involved in the mega-event, the parade sought to focus its attention on themes of equality and anti-homophobia, inclusive ideas that appeal to a wide audience.

This year, the event’s organisers sought to tackle the issue of homophobia within sport, a delicate topic in a usually macho domain.

“This fight against discrimination in sport is part of the great civil rights struggle that Sydney’s Mardi Gras has led in Australia for 37 years,” Ignatius Jones, senior parade creative consultant, told the ABC. “As long as even one gay or lesbian kid is afraid to play sport, one of Australia’s defining activities, for fear of being denounced, Mardi Gras has a purpose.”

To prove the point, organisers sought the participation of some of Australia’s most beloved LGBT athletes. Olympians and footballers joined the march, adding a dash of familiarity to the wild proceedings. All in all, the last year has seen many banner moments for gay sportspeople all around the world; now the local community has sought to seize the social momentum.

In the end, the Mardi Gras Parade was a smashing success. Many revellers continued to party well into the wee hours hours of the morning, with the Fox Studios precinct transformed into a wonderland of after-party enjoyment and creative fun. Tourists were treated to a spectacular event, a street party which showcases the best in Australian creativity, culture and celebration.
Three cheers for the event organisers!


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