The 2015 Adelaide Festival Is Finally Here!

The iconic Adelaide Festival!

The iconic Adelaide Festival!

The Adelaide Festival is once again stunning crowds of locals and tourists. The 2015 Adelaide Festival kicked off last week, with a massive lights display drawing in a crowd of thousands. The huge outdoor party was a smashing success, proving once and for all that Adelaide is a party town!

The renowned festival brings together the best in digital, visual and performance arts, offering many local talents the chance to show off their unique skills. This year, organisers have placed emphasis on evolving artworks, which compel viewers to approach the works multiple times.

“A lot of the sites have multiple artworks, so it’s designed so people will hopefully come back again and again and see something different,” Festival Chief Karen Bryant told the ABC. “But of course it’s also great to see before a show or after a show.”

The 2015 line-up is being touted as one of the best ever, with over a hundred and fifty performances providing locals the best in live entertainment. New York’s Cedar Lake contemporary ballet company will be performing to the music of film and TV composer Danny Elfman, a rare artistic treat for those in the know.

Festival artistic director David Sefton says that the Cedar Lake performance is on his list of must-see performances.

“They’re a relatively young company who get to cherry-pick the best dancers and choreographers in the world so they’re quite sought after but haven’t travelled much,” Mr Sefton told the ABC. “This is their first, at this point only, Australian appearance, so I’m very happy about that.”

There’s also plenty of digital and visual art on offer, so be sure to consult with the festival’s website for exact locations and a walking tour. For visitors and locals, the festival really is one of the highlights of the year- so be sure to make it along! The festival will last for seventeen days until the 16th of March, 2015.

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