The 17th Annual Bago Grape Stomp!

The Hastings Valley, in Northern New South Wales, hosts one of the state’s most charming events: the Bago Grape Stomp. At the seventeenth annual event, held this year at a winery near Wauchope, visitors and tourists are treated to a wine festival like no other!

The fun festival!

The fun festival!

The annual wine-stomping championship was once again a phenomenal success, with organisers noting the record numbers of attendants. “There were over 40 entries, so 80 people have put their names down for the stomp, as well as a full field in the media grape stomp,” Ian Adams, one of the festival organisers, told the ABC.

“This year we stomped 24 lots of 10 kilos of Chambourcin grapes,” Mr Adam elaborated. In wine country, these things matter. “It’s one of the juiciest grapes, and it’s got a lovely colour and it just sticks to the people’s legs and clothes. It was the first time in a number of years that we had a couple of people out of the barrels rather than in the barrels, but it was all in good fun,” he said.

The event has become a major tourism drawcard, attracting thousands of international guests to the town to take part in the festivities. Festival organisers are keen to host as many guests as possible, but only one team can emerge victorious! This year, mum and daughter team, Melissa and Taylah Debreceny, took out the coveted 2015 championship, stomping their way to an impressive 6.4 litre win.

“We really didn’t think we had it in us, we’re quite surprised really,” Melissa Debreceny told the ABC. “We changed our technique halfway through because we were tiring a bit. A minute lasts quite a while when you’re stomping, I have to say.”

Despite their valiant efforts, the record figure of 7.1 litres remains unbroken. So it’s up to you to take a run at the record next year and take part in some good old fashioned fun…

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