Tasmanian Whisky Up There With the World’s Best!

Whisky (or Whiskey) has become a staple of Scottish history and is one of the country’s most heavily consumed alcoholic beverage. Whisky gained worldwide popularity after the 15th century, although the first records of whisky distillation have been found in archaeological digs of millennia BC Mesopotamia and Babylon. Whisky is an acquired taste and was apparently originally used for the creation of perfumes and aromatics. The early whiskly distillation processes were immature with a result that tasted raw and rough compared to today’s fine dark liquors.

These days, whisky has evolved into a smoother, rounder and much more sophisticated libation. Australia has not generally been renowned for whisky in comparison to Scotland, Ireland, America and Canada. This is changing, however, as Australia’s burgeoning whisky industry is now recognised as one of the world’s best boutique examples of proficiency and craftsmanship. In fact, Australian whiskies are starting to prove formidable competition to larger established distilleries the world over. Recently, three Australian whiskies were named ‘liquid gold’ by The Whiskey Biblea world renowned compendium of whiskies that featured over 1000 types in its 2015 edition.

But it’s the island of Tasmania that has whisky connoisseurs sitting up and taking notice. Tassie’s superior quality whiskies are defining themselves as a global leader. At the recent World Whisky Awards in London, Sullivan’s Cove American Oak won best Australian single malt 13-20 years. The smooth malt impressed judges for the third year in a row with its fruity nose displaying characteristics of musky apricot and pineapple, along with slabs of heather honey. A touch of malt and oak prove a lovely combination, lightly herbal with oil vanilla and herbal spices. Tasmania’s Sullivan Cove also took out the best Australian single malt prize for their French Oak Cask. At 12 years of age, it balances oak and musk with a grape-like and fig nose. Jasmine, frangipani and tropical flowers complement a touch of pepper, chocolate and tea leaves.

Overall, Sullivan’s Cove Distillery was named Craft Distiller of the year and local legend, Bill Lark – the man behind leading Tasmanian whisky company Lark Distillery – was inducted into the whisky hall of fame for his services to the industry. Considering the many thousands of craft distillers across the globe, Tasmania has proven they are a formidable and burgeoning whisky producer. Up to 10 whisky distilleries operating around Tasmania and attracting whisky tourists for exclusive tours.

According to Bill Lark, one of the secrets to this small island producing such superior whisky is its conducive climate – Tasmania enjoys seasonal variation and diurnal changes in temperature, which aid the maturation process. Locally grown traditional brewing barley also brings a richness of malt and flavour to the whisky. Finally, much of the success is owed to the dedication of Tasmanian whisky producers who are passionate about producing a high quality product to be enjoyed the world over.

Be sure to try out one of Tasmania’s critically acclaimed malts or whisky’s and appreciate the fruits of our island state’s labour for yourself.

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