Tamworth’s Country Music Festival 2015 Is Here!

The iconic Tamworth CMF!

The iconic Tamworth CMF!

Tamworth’s annual country music festival is an iconic Australian event. The 2015 Festival program kicked off last Friday night, beginning ten glorious days of country music. This year the organisers are celebrating their 43rd CMF, so be sure to make it along!

The festival provides a massive boost to the economy, with increased local and international tourism. Located in the dry heart of New South Wales, the festival sees the normally quiet country town turned upside down. With thousands of revellers packing the streets, its a party-like atmosphere that is infectious and sometimes overwhelming. Musicians pack the town’s small halls and lane ways, causing the city to overflow with talent and musical culture. All in all, it’s a fantastic way to celebrate diversity and the arts in Australia!

The event culminates in the Golden Guitar Awards, traditionally given to the best and brightest performers on show. Previous winners include Slim Dusty, Kasey Chambers and Keith Urban, so it’s a not-to-be-missed cultural event for everyone.

Festival organisers expect tens of thousands of tourists to attend the festival, a figure that is growing steadily with each passing year. The festival gives local industry a much-needed booster shot of capital, but its also a big part of the local community’s identity. Locals mark the time by the coming and going of the festival, a fact that remains true to this day.

Tamworth Mayor Col Murray spoke with the ABC about the excitement surrounding this year’s festival. “We’re expecting over the next couple of days, quite a large influx,” he told the ABC. “I don’t think I’ve even seen the city look more beautiful, the grass is the absolute greenest of greens.”

Get to know the iconic culture of regional Australia and pay a visit to the country music capital of Australia, Tamworth. It’s an event you’re sure to enjoy and this year’s program is one that will likely captivate and enthrall. So don’t miss out!

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