A Brief History of The Rocks


“This is the poorest country in the world,” wrote Lieutenant Ralph Clark in 1788,”overrun with large trees, not one acre of clear ground to be seen.” From aboard the Endeavour opinion was divided about the merit of Sydney Harbour, and …

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A Lazy Day at The Rocks


For something a little different from the usual tourist trek around Circular Quay, try a lazy day of good art and great food in The Rocks. Start the day with a late brunch at Fine Foods Cafe, this place specialises …

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Space shuttles and submarines – the next frontiers of tourism?


Currently, tourism is looking upwards. Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic are preparing to take to space after years of hype. It’s thought that the first flight will be launched within the next year. Passengers will pay hundreds of thousands dollars …

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Is Kayaking the Answer to Your Fitness Woes?


“Kayaking!? I don’t know anything about Kayaking!” Our boss took the plunge and invested in a package of corporate personal training sessions with Fitness Angels, in Sydney. Like the rest of us she knows she should be more active. Like …

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Sydney New Year’s Eve


New Year’s Eve. Depending on your perspective, it’s either the most wonderful night of the year, or the worst. Every year, it seems to creep up with alarming speed. Months are spent hyping up Christmas, only for the day to …

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Make The Most Of The Australian Coast


When you visit Australia, you’ll no doubt be excited to jump into the Australian coast – the beach, the harbour, you name it, we’ve got it. Australia is renowned for its coastline, and it’s one of the more popular tourist …

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Cruising through Sydney Harbour


Easily one of the most esteemed harbours in Australia and even the world, and home to two of the most iconic Australian landmarks, Sydney Harbour is a splendour of sparkling water set against stunning cityscapes, a vast array of gorgeous …

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