Sydney’s Town Hall Hosts Free Organ Recital Program!

The iconic interior of Sydney's Town Hall...

The iconic interior of Sydney’s Town Hall…

Over the next three months, Sydney’s iconic Town Hall will offer locals and visitors the chance to get up-close-and-personal with one of the city’s most famous attractions. Inside the majestic Town Hall building, visitors will find the Grand Organ. Over a series of free lunch-time concerts, the Town Hall Organ recital program will allow guests to hear a unique instrument in all its true glory.

An integral feature of the Town Hall since 1890, the Grand Organ was once the centrepiece of a stately, world-class town hall building. When it was first commissioned, the instrument was hailed as the finest in the world. Hundreds of years later, replacing the organ would now cost an estimated $20 million. Today, it continues to inspire music lovers the world over.

The entrancing instrument has 26 speaking stops, nearly 9,000 pipes and a unique 64 foot pedal stop. It remains the largest organ ever constructed with tubular pneumatic playing action.

According to the City of Sydney, the organ has significant cultural and musical value. “Built by William Hill and Son of London, the organ was also the biggest in the world at the time, with 126 speaking stops, nearly 9,000 pipes and a unique 64 foot pedal stop. It is still the largest organ ever constructed with tubular pneumatic playing action,” declared the City of Sydney website. For lovers of all kinds of music, these are must-attend events.

Over the last few years, the City of Sydney has had the Grand Organ restored by local specialists. But they’ve also been busy putting together specialist recitals so as to take advantage of the world-famous instrument. For those regularly in the CBD area, it might make for an extra special mid-day delight!

For more information visit For a brief program, see below:

Monday 10 August
University to Town Hall
Amy Johansen (Sydney University)

Monday 28 September
Fanfares & Fantasias
Robert Ampt

Monday 2 November
Organ & Bagpipes
Robert Ampt with Richard McGregor and Donald McKay (Bagpipes)

Wednesday 30 December
Young Organist’s Day
Featuring the talented young prize winners from the 2015 Sydney Organ Competition.

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