Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide Autumn Racing Carnival 2014

When travelling across Australia, it goes without saying that spectating a live sport game is an absolute essential on the list of things to see and do. Whether it be an AFL game in Melbourne, a football match in Sydney or a rugby league game in Brisbane, live sports matches are an integral aspect of Australian culture, which reveal a lot about our local spirit. The fervour and excitement pervading the atmosphere of life sports games is so thick you can almost see it. And if you miss out on such an exhilarating experience, you will never live it down.

Australians enjoy watching a huge myriad of different sports and activities, from the international games of tennis and cricket to the slightly more unique ones such as camel racing or lingerie rugby. You have an endless amount of sports to choose from, however, it is well worthwhile watching one of the larger ones to truly experience the competitive spirit. Easily, one of the most rewarding sporting events to attend is horse racing.

autumn racing carnivalRather than being a single 40 minute sport game focused solely on the movements of a ball, horse racing is an entire carnival day filled with fascinators, beverages, rushes of emotion, and a series of incredibly tense horse races. The Autumn Racing Carnival is nearly upon us, and it is the second biggest carnival in the country, with 34 group one races across three states.

Each city has a few highlight events over the next few months with the biggest wagers, unprecedented prize money, the tensest atmosphere and top pick of horses. Melbourne’s million dollar thoroughbred, juvenile race, Blue Diamond Stakes, at Caulfield racecourse on February 22nd, and the two million dollar races at Flemington racecourse 8th March, Australian Cup and Newmarket Handicup are the top ones to visit. Sydney’s key event is the prestigious Golden Slipper Stake – with prize money of over $3,500,000  this race is the world’s richest race for two-year-old thoroughbreds. The key races in Adelaide are the $500,000 South Australia Derby on 3rd Ma and Goodwood on 10th May, both at Morphetville racecourse.

Visit Horse Race Australia to see all the races over the Autumn Racing Carnival across the three venues.  After picking which games take your fancy the next steps are fashion and betting. Firstly, you need to get your outfit together as fashion is one of the most vital aspects of a racing carnival (particularly for the ladies!). Head to racing fashion Australia to see all the latest fashion trends and help you decide what extravagant outfits you will be donning on your day of choice.

autumn racing carnival2Betting is another imperative aspect of horse racing in Australia, whether it be simply a few dollars on a random whim or thousands of dollars based on hours of research and insight. Regardless of what level you will be betting at, it is always a great idea to discover secrets of quinella betting type before stepping inside the race gates. Getting some expert advice and tips from Practical Punting before each race is vital to performing well and increasing your chance of leaving the day on top. Horse racing involves incredible highs and lows of emotion and will rile you up like little else. Therefore, seeking trifecta betting tips for punters is ideal for people wanting to feel more exaltation rather than despair.

So make sure you head to one of the incredibly exciting Autumn Racing Carnival  Days in 2014. For unrivalled excitement, entire days of dressing up, drinking and entertainment, as well as huge potential winnings, there is nothing else like it. So make the most of the beginning of the racing season and plan your Australian racing experience now.

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