Sydney City’s Best Cheap Eats!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you’re new to the city of Sydney, and feeling a little overwhelmed by the CBD area, it can be tough to find a place to enjoy a nice meal and a good cup of coffee. But don’t worry; we’ve got your back! Below are just a few of the Sydney CBD’s best cheap eats!

En Casa Deli. Located on Liverpool Street (heading towards Hyde Park), this legendary café serves up hearty Spanish sandwiches and other tasty treats. Calamari and chorizo rolls are among the best things on offer, but their coffee is also worth staying for. Expect to pay a little over ten dollars for a filling lunch.

Mexican Burrito Cantina. A short stroll from the downtown area, Surry Hills’ Mexican Burrito Cantina offers diners the chance to sample some authentically flavoured Mexican burritos. Served with mouth watering beans and other hearty fillings, expect a burrito lunch (best consumed with a ‘Jarritos’ drink!) to cost somewhere in the vicinity of fifteen dollars.

The David Jones Food Court. Food courts are a dime a dozen in the city, but David Jones’ food court has them all beat. The miniature culinary city is located just off Market Street, the ideal place for a lunch-time sojourn. The roast beef rolls are famous, but some patrons prefer fresh seafood and funky noodle bars. Grab a great sandwich and head out to nearby Hyde Park; it should set you back about ten or so bucks.

Chines Noodle Restaurant. Also known as “Grapes On The Ceiling”, this Sydney institution has long dished up ultra-affordable and ultra-addictive Chinese food. The dumplings (of every kind) are fantastic, and visitors should also try the Special Braised Eggplant (which is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before).  An awesome meal for two might cost thirty dollars; but a solo diner can get a hot dumpling fix for around ten dollars.

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken. Also located on Liverpool Street, this Taiwanese fried chicken joint offers big value and big flavour rewards! Originally a popular street food found on the streets of the island state, their slabs of fried chicken have gone on to become the stuff of local legend. Expect a queue and a bill of less than ten dollars.

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