St Kilda Festival and Hotel Urban

It’s almost become a club.

For the past six years my wife and I have flown down to Melbourne for the St Kilda Festival. It’s one of the longest running free cultural events in Australia, encompassing musicians, performers, and artists of all sorts. This year the St Kilda Festival runs from the 1st to the 9th of February and is looking to outdo all the others. The line-up of performers is a who’s who of Australian music and performing arts.


But that’s not the club I’m talking about.

Hotel UrbanYou see each year for the past six years my wife and I have stayed at the Hotel Urban on Fitzroy Street. It’s close to the main venues, has easy access to public transport, so you can get to and from more distant venues (without the trouble of having to find a park) and is comfortable and well-priced.

And my wife and I aren’t the only ones who’ve noticed the benefits of staying at the Hotel Urban Melbourne throughout the Festival. Over the years others have drifted in and become regulars as much as us. So much so it has almost become a club. If there’s anything better than the festival itself it’s being able to enjoy it with people you like. Being comfortable is an added bonus.Curious

My recommendation to you is to do both: Come to the St Kilda Festival and stay at the Hotel Urban. Every year we’ve met some performers in the bar or lounge – guests like ourselves. It adds an entirely new dimension to the experience and makes a special event unique.

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