Skypark – Coming Home

Cars are part of the home. At least that’s what I think. I’m a shuttle bus driver for Skypark Valet Parking in Perth. Depending on where you live, of course, many people find it cheaper to drive their own car to the airport and leave it in our care than to hump all their luggage with them on public transport. When your car is with us it’s in safe hands. We’ll even clean and detail it before you get back. Skypark

What has any of this to do with cars being part of the home? Well, as a shuttle driver I get to see a lot of people traveling. The holiday travelers are always excited when they’re leaving and pretty much always grateful to be back when they return.

And here is where the car comes in: Anyone with a car is going to spend a reasonable proportion of their life in it. A lot of time is spent commuting to and from work, a lot of time is spent ferrying kids and family members, for the chosen few some time may be spent simply driving for the pleasure of it. What this means is that the car becomes a safe zone.

And I see this when I return travellers to their cars parked and cared for by Skypark. They visibly relax once they’re behind the wheel. The car has become an extension of the home.

Skypark 1

For the poor sods who have to take the public transport from the airport to home – well, their agony has been prolonged just that little bit more and their trip home just that little bit more dangerous.

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