Safe Travels: Five Must-Have Medical Apps For The Road!

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If you’re preparing to travel tough or getting ready for a wild ride, here’s a list of apps that might help you stay safe and healthy.

It’s easy to forget about safety and well-being when you’re cruising around the world enjoying all the wonderful things life has to offer. But, as more seasoned travellers will tell you, there’s always a chance things can go horribly wrong. So there’s no excuse for not downloading the following five essential apps and having them with you wherever you go!

WebMD (for Android).  This popular App offers 24/7 access to information regarding well-being and extensive decision-support tools. It provides mobile health knowledge, as well as listing drugs and treatments, offering First Aid Information and providing travellers with local medical and emergency listings. It also ensures access to first aid information without having to be connected to any network – critical if Internet access is impossible.

Drugs Dictionary.  It may sound boring, but a drugs dictionary can be useful when you’re away from home. The App is very user-friendly and features a neat and streamlined interface. All host of information about drugs can be found: their uses, how to take them, potential side effects, user precautions, awareness of drug interactions, how to make up a missed dose, and the best method for storage.

MedicineList+. This Application is a real keeper and a must for anyone preparing for a long trip or battling medical treatment. It enables the user to keep on top of their health and any medicines that might be needed, as well as the health and medicines of others, by keeping a medicines list. The App records health conditions, medicines, measurements, medical tests and results. Users can also add medicines by scanning the barcode, using a pick list or using free text. Reminders and other notifications can be set so that medicine use is appropriately tracked and promptly re-filled. The ability to create trend graphs as well as recording notes for professionals are also greatly useful features of this must-have application.

Health Team’s First Aid. Situations can quickly get out of hand and downright dangerous. It’s best to be knowledgeable of First Aid and be officially certified. But if you aren’t, this App can help cover the gaps. First Aid offers instructions and is designed to help you follow the right medical procedures in particularly stressful scenarios or support others by giving them precise and consistent medical instructions. It offers user-friendly illustrations, instruction videos and short, concise blocks of text that outline the correct action step by step and in the precise order in which action can be taken.

Blood Pressure (BP) Watch.  BP Watch helps users to get the most out of monitoring their own pressure. Checking blood pressure is a critical part of managing blood pressure. BP Watch is a straightforward app with a useable interface which allows you to record your blood pressure and your systolic (High value), diastolic (Low value) and pulse. It also captures the posture, position and time of the pressure reading.

With these miraculous Applications in tow, you can be prepared for any of the rigours and occasional emergencies that go hand in hand with travel. So start downloading and stay safe!

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