Retirees At Sea: The Perfect Antidote To The Quiet Life!

As a sixty year old retiree, I was having a hard time finding something to keep me occupied. It seemed as though the days were passing by at an interminable pace. Outside of the nine to five grind, I didn’t know how to relax or enjoy my time. It had been years of work, marriage and kids, but things were finally settling down. The truth was, I needed something to do.

As a child, I’d grown up on a small island in the Greek Mediterranean. My family was full of fishermen and men of the sea; the town survived off the ocean and as kids we were raised on skips with nets in our hands. I’d always loved fishing, the thrill of being out in the ocean, and occasionally I’d gone out with my sons. But this was almost always on a hired boat or one owned by a friend.

The more I thought about it, the more I realised it might be something I could enjoy. I mentioned it a few times to my wife, and she seemed hesitant. As always, it took a little nudge to get her to come along. And by a little nudge, I mean me buying a pretty rough looking skip one Saturday morning. She was angry at first, but soon softened to the idea. “We can travel around the coast,” I said. “It was a steal, but when I’m done with it you’ll want to sell the house and run away!”

It took a long time and tons of elbow grease to reach a baseline: the ships wooden body was smoothed out and restored, revealing a lovely looking shape. Next, I tore out the sorry looking interior and set about removing rotten fixtures. When I was done, there was little more than a skeleton of a ship.

Over the course of a few months, I found myself checking out a few posts at various boat renovation sites online. There were loads of really good tips, and a few hints that really helped direct my efforts and even save money. One of the best was a link and a suggestion to check out Boat Accessories Australia.

Through their online site, I managed to find practically everything I needed in the one spot. And the best part was, they shipped it right to my door! I purchased anchor and mooring equipment, then some new cabin deck hardware. Electrical and power systems were also easily acquired, and within a few months I was getting on top of the plumbing, pumps and navigation systems. As you could imagine, the size of the task was overwhelming. But within no time, everything was taking shape nicely.

As the boat started looking better by the day, my wife surprised me with something really outstanding: a map marking out a host of stops all along the coast, places we’d visit. It was touching to think she was looking forward to sailing away with me, and I was honestly driven to finish the boat and set out to sea. A month later, with all the bells and whistles in place, we set out from the marina and waved goodbye to our kids and grandchildren. The future seemed bright and filled with adventure. We’d finally settled into retired life.

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