Travel Differently: Rent an apartment on your next big trip

Credit: a plethora of travel options these days it’s no surprise that the alternative and slow travel movements are making a come back. Now coupled with the technological innovation of smart phones and the internet this different way of traveling is now even more accessible. So quit booking the pricy and disappointing hotels and crowded backpackers, and switch over to holiday rentals, which offer a luxurious experience at an affordable price.

Renting an apartment or house can be one of the more rewarding aspects of contemporary travel. It is especially worth while for a longer term stay. And if you’re staying a week or more, the price can drop dramatically which means you and your loved ones can enjoy a better holiday, for longer.

Besides the price, renting an apartment has some key advantages.

The first and most obvious of which is it gives you the option to do as the locals do. Escaping the typical tourist places really allows for a sense of cultural immersion you otherwise would not have.

You’ll also experience a degree of comfort and privacy you won’t find at a hotel. Rented apartments are literally a home away from home.

They usually include:

– Your own full kitchen will allow you to cook your own meals, and thus keep the cost of food down.
– Instead of being stuck in one room you’ll have a living space that will allow you to relax and luxuriate. You’ll actually be able to live and avoid the hotel California blues.
– You’ll have a sense of quiet and privacy a busy hotel won’t be able to give you.

Some of the better travel experiences I’ve had have been in short stay apartments. In Paris last year, the two week rental in Montemarte gave me the opportunity to live in a traditional walk up apartment block and talk with the locals. I got to experience the atmosphere of a Parisian inner city summer and truly soak up it’s subtleties. All of this without having to pay a cent for a touristy ‘cultural tour’.

If this sound good to you, you can start by checking out some of the more popular alternative travel sites, most famous is, for a uniquely Australian focus head to and don’t forget

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