Rafting the Franklin River

Tasmania’s Franklin River is a remote and untouched natural beauty ensconced in luscious World Heritage wilderness that is perfect for adventure-seekers, nature-lovers and curious tourists alike. This magnificent Tasmanian national park is home to what has been hailed as one of the world’s last great wild rivers and also plays host to, according to renowned US magazine Outside, the world’s best whitewater rafting trip. Claiming this prestigious title is no mean feat and recognises the Franklin River area as a well-preserved, truly isolated and simply magical site that few places in the world are akin to.

Traversing the rugged landscapes of gaping gorges, pristine temperate rainforests, ancient rock formations and untamed wildlife is best (and arguably only) experienced aboard an
inflatable raft. More than just allowing you to experience the unsurpassed beauty of the landscape firsthand, whitewater rafting down the Franklin River also tests your strength, both physical when it comes to portering equipment over mountains and mental strength in battling the cold. More importantly, the rafting trip takes you back to your roots by removing you completely from the strains and stresses of society – away from your computers, Ipads and mobile phones, away from your jobs, relationship problems and nagging kids or parents and away from your makeup, conditioner and your comfy king sized bed. Spending 8 or 9 days with a tour group, rafting and camping alongside the river together in such spectacular, isolated and raw conditions forges a strong sense of teamwork and kinship that is not easily dissolved.

Let’s not forget one of the most important aspects of the whitewater rafting trip: the
adventure. Navigating the wildly erratic rapids gives you intense adrenaline rushes as you pass through narrow arches and cross raging cascades. However, not the whole river is in fact covered with rapids, but actually consists largely of flat, tranquil sections of water in which all you have to do is paddle and admire the incredible scenery.  You will learn skills and terminology required for rafting and the best part is that it is completely suited to all skill levels ranging from absolute beginners to experienced rafters.

There are a range of distinguished tour groups such as Tasmanian Expeditions, Franklin River Rafting and Rafting Tasmania that take travellers down the Franklin River. All have incredibly experienced rafting guides, who will teach you everything you need to know and be able to handle every situation with ease. On top of this, they also provide you with huge amounts of delicious food and in-depth descriptions of the history, significance and ecology of the surrounding area.

So what are you waiting for?

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