Poulter for All Weather

When a Perth hospital needed an annex put over the driveway in front of their Emergency Room entrance they put out tenders. As is usual in these cases those who responded to the tenders weren’t compared so much on price as on flexibility.


There is a great deal demanded from contractors to a hospital. The work they offer inevitably must be altered at the site, they must work around often unpredictable busy periods, and their work must be absolutely meticulous – lives depend on it.

And so it was the case here. Poulter DesignsPatio were offered the contract to install a polycarbonate dome patio over the entire length of the driveway. The covering had to be modified to accommodate the width and length of entrance. This is not a simple thing to do. Nor is it a simple thing to install once it is done. The covering had to be virtually impregnable. It had to survive the scorching Perth sun, fist sized hail stones, cyclonic winds; it had to withstand panicked drivers screeching into it and drunks stumbling into it; it had to endure surgical trolleys and wheelchairs smashing into it on a daily basis. And it had to look good. It had to give the impression of sturdy calm and professional welcome.

As you might expect not all patio design companies even respond to tenders put out by hospitals. Their work is on display to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are judged not only by the materials but also their workmanship.


But this wasn’t the first hospital entrance designed and installed by Poulter PatioDesign. Granted most of their work comes from domestic roofing needs – carports, patios and the like. But they have the capacity and experience to do anything, large or small.

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