Openair Cinema St Kilda

Openair Cinema

With each day warmer than the last, it’s not hard to get excited about the impending summer season. The days are longer, you can get around barefoot, and ice-cream is consumed in copious amounts. Another thing you get to look forward to is the wonderful summer events that everybody is throwing. Everyone from major sponsors, to sports stars, and all niche people in between. One event that’s churning up some frenzies is the Ben and Jerrys Openair Cinema in St Kilda. The event is in most capital cities, but it seems much more appealing to escape to another city for a summer retreat.

The Openair Cinema runs for around a month across December and January, with dates yet to be confirmed. When Melbourne heats up, the people flock, and that’s what we all seem to be doing. The quintessential outdoor event, the Openair Cinema incorporates live music, and feature films projected onto an enormous screen. Melbourne skyline is, of course, the glorious backdrop. Licensed festival style bars entertain movie-goers until the big screen debuts, along with indie bands and beautiful surrounds. And as the sun sets over Port Phillip Bay, you can enjoy some of the latest flicks in the perfect, outdoor Openair Cinema.

openair cinemaMelbourne Hotel Accommodation is the next thing you’ll want to work out, as Openair Cinema is just one of the exciting attractions this summer. As we approach the warmer months, everyone is gearing up to get away, and Melbourne is the ‘it’ city of late. The Grand Hotel Melbourne has a number of glorious, spacious, apartment-style rooms to stay in. The location is slightly south of Melbourne CBD, making it easier to get to the Openair Cinema in St Kilda. Melbourne apartment accommodation makes your stay just that much more appealing, as the affordable luxury gives you your own living space in addition to the standard bedroom. St Kilda is one of the highlights of a trip to Melbourne, and is easily accessible via tram. The 96 tram from East Brunswick to St Kilda will get you to the Openair Cinema in under 15 minutes. If you prefer the drive, there is a carpark available too.

Melbourne is an exciting place to visit for a mini summer holiday, and the Openair Cinema is just one of the adorable events to entice you. With ice-cream and outdoor events the flavour of summer, this event hits the nail on the head. The Ben and Jerrys Openair Cinema is an absolutely magical experience, and one of the top events of the summer. Don’t miss it!

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