Novel New Year’s Eve Ideas

Rather than doing the same old same old house party or bar function this New Year’s Eve, why not branch out and bring in the new year with a more exhilarating celebration? Get away from the crowds, avoid having to go to three different parties in the same night – and spending more sober time in traffic than celebrating with your friends – by making the 2013/2014 New Year’s Eve party one to remember. The crossover into the new year is an incredibly exciting time which brings new possibilities and a fresh start (although probably not so fresh on New Year’s Day) – and you need a worthy celebration to match the momentous occasion. The initial moments of how you spend the new year often dictate how the rest of 2014 will pan out. So get 2014 off to a fantastic start with a novel and thrilling New Year’s celebration.

falls-festival new year's eveFalls Festival

Falls Music and Arts festival is a fun and funky three day festival located in three gorgeous, remote locations across the country. The three locations are Marion Bay, Tasmania, Lorne, Victoria and Byron Bay, New South Wales. The event attracts some of the hottest bands and singers from across the world and offers visitors a unique experience filled with entrancing music, exotic food, cultural shops and artistic activities, exuberant costumes and generally a once-in-a-year experience. Why only celebrate New Year’s Eve for one night when you can have a three day long camping and music festival with friends? Although most tickets are sold out, you could still apply to work for some of the festivals or get local tickets to Lorne in Victoria. Check out the Falls Festival website for more information.

Get on the Water

sydney harbour new year's eve cruiseI’m sure at some point you’ve had the brilliant idea of getting your friends together, booking a luxury boat and going on a cruise party along the water. As fabulous as this idea is, it is even better when put into practice. And a party cruise is an infinitely better idea when enacted on New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Eve Sydney Harbour Boat Hire, Australia will provide you with a luxurious evening that will not only give you the ultimate view from which to view the renowned Sydney fireworks, but it will also guarantee a priceless New Year’s celebration filled with close friends, limited planning or organisation, scrumptious menus, abundant alcohol and did we mention you’d be cruising along the esteemed Sydney Harbour? Luxury cruise dining menus in Sydney offer the most sumptuous foods that with a huge range of options such as formal dining, buffets and BBQs. Book your phenomenal New Year’s Eve cruising experience with Enigma Charters today to avoid missing out.

beach party new year's eveHire a House

The thing all of these fabulous New Year’s Eve ideas have in common is that they involve getting an intimate group of friends together, planning ahead and sharing one of the most consequential times of the year together in an exciting location. Hiring a house is a fabulous idea as it can get you away from the hustle and bustle of the city filled with drunkards, taxi lines, violence and hordes of upon hordes of people. By renting a house with friends for a few nights, you can go for a small coastal town getaway or a Blue Mountains retreat and simply enjoy the company of your closest friends. No one has to worry about hosting the house in their own home, the group will stay as a cohesive group and you can enjoy a mini holiday on the beach or in the bush while you’re at it.

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