Newtown’s Best Coffee

A delicious cappuccino

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If you take coffee seriously, here are three seriously good cafes located in one of Sydney’s best alternative suburbs, Newtown.

Campos Coffee

Campos is home to boutique coffee with a difference. It offers some of the finest, most attentively made coffee in the city. The queue for a take away cup is testament to both the popularity of the place and of the no-rush policy for each shot of espresso – you’re guaranteed the finest espresso shot even time. Drink your macchiato quickly at the italian style espresso bar or sit down and take your time to savour with a sweet treat. Atmosphere can be a little crowded come peak time, the space here is limited. However, being a little cramped is well worth it.


Home to an excellent all day brunch on the weekend, Brewtown exemplifies the finer aspects of Sydney cafe culture. You can tell by the fact the hot water is boiled not in a jug or a kettle, but something resembling a piece of steel and class modern art. Coffee offerings range from your standard cappuccino to earthy in-house drip coffee. The space is large and bright with the design reminiscent of a renovated new york loft. The food is excellent and the sweet treats are many. And then there’s the cronuts, which, despite my initial skepticism, are seriously delicious.

Toby’s Estate

At Toby’s Estate headquarters every coffee is guaranteed to be smooth, creamy and attentively made. If you’re craving a piccolo latte, or just your regular cappuccino – this is the place to be. The food here is also excellent, with all day breakfast as well as a range of restaurant quality mains available. If you’re in the mode for something sweet I heartily recommend the french toast which comes thick, light and served with gorgeously soft baked pear and raspberry puree.

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