Sydney New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve. Depending on your perspective, it’s either the most wonderful night of the year, or the worst. Every year, it seems to creep up with alarming speed. Months are spent hyping up Christmas, only for the day to fall away, leaving just a week to prepare for the kick-off of what we always assure ourselves will be the best year ever. The pressure to outwardly enjoy yourself on NYE is heavy, and for that reason, capturing that elusive feeling of pure joy can often prove elusive. But if you’re in Sydney – the first truly international city to cross over into the New Year – you might as well make a go of it.

Dinner party

One of the biggest perils of New Year’s Eve is public transport. Extra services are put on, sure; but they never quite seem to be enough to meet demand. One way of avoiding the ongoing rush of camping chair-carrying, rum and coke-swilling, sparkler-armed  crowds is to host something chez toi. Whether you’re renting an apartment or bunking down in a hostel, arrange for some of your nearest and dearest to congregate for some cheese, crackers, and wine. Indecisiveness when it comes to NYE options is notorious, so try to integrate the best of multiple options by taking influence from one of the many luxury cruise dining menus in Sydney when planning your own degustation. If you’re then feeling brave, you can take to the streets to celebrate out in the open – or not. No pressure.

Dance the night awaynye-sydney-harbour

Whether you’re into hardstyle or trance, jazz or hip-hop, there’s sure to be a night-club in Sydney hosting a special event to celebrate the beginning of a new calendar year. Some of these events require advance booking, so try to organise where you’ll be going, and with whom, in advance. If you’re torn between multiple options, you can always try hopping between different venues – just make sure you don’t lose any of crew along the way!

Hit the harbour

You haven’t really experienced New Year’s Eve in Sydney until you’ve experienced it on the harbour. If you’re part of the 99% and happen to be missing your own private yacht, New Year’s Eve Sydney Harbour boat hire is easy to source and book. In order to get a good spot on the harbour, you’ll probably need to cast off reasonably early. Fortunately, most boat hire services, like Enigma Charters , provide plenty of food and wine to pass the time. Seeing the fireworks reflect on the ripples of Sydney Harbour will surely make for a truly spectacular – if slightly emotional – moment.

Stay in

If you can’t bring yourself to brave the crowds, the over-excitement, and the all-too-familiar feelings of NYE nostalgia and disappointment, just avoid the event altogether. Pour yourself a drink, put on a good rom-com, and employ any other necessary means of distracting yourself. Just try not to get too bogged down in your perennial cynicism and loneliness.You could even get an early night! That way, you’ll be starting the year in a much more sprightly manner than most.

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