New South Wales’ Most Popular Holiday Spots!

For locals living in the great eastern state of New South Wales, there are plenty of idyllic holiday spots scattered along the region’s beautiful coastline. Families and travellers are treated to an array of alluring sights and experiences, but many of them aren’t in the first few pages of the travelling guide. So, to celebrate these smaller places, we’ve put together a list of NSW’s most popular holiday spots…

Ulladulla. South of Sydney, Ulladulla is a great seaside town with plenty of local attractions. There’s the Morton National park to the west, and the iconic Pigeon House Mountain, an attraction within the climbing world. Nestled along the coastline between Ulladualla and Bateman’s Bay, there are countless quiet beaches, scenic paths and ample camping space. Make it down if you can!

Port Stephens. Known locally for its sandy beaches and summery feeling, Port Stephens is the quintessential getaway for a Sydneysider. Grab some fish ‘n’ chips and head down to the marina area for great dolphin watching and views. Head out to any of the local beaches, many of which are truly astounding (Zenith Beach and One Mile Beach, to name a couple). Renting is relatively affordable, so consider a week long stay to make the most of your visit!

South West Rocks. Up on the State’s North Coast, there is an iconic spot known as South West Rocks. The beachfront town is sleepy and relaxed (to say the least), offering ample camping sites and family friendly caravan parks. Visit the tranquil Trial Bay and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding you on all sides. Perfect!

This list is by no means exhaustive, so feel free to comment and add your own to the discussion. As many locals would already know, there are just too many gorgeous locales in the great state of New South Wales- so get out there this summer season and enjoy it all!

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