National Crime Check & Lonnie’s Solution

“I don’t understand it,” Lonnie burst out, “I’m much more qualified than any of the other applicants.” My friend Lennie had just applied for her fourth tour guide position. She is a young, friendly, outgoing Phillipina – Australian. She speaks Tagalog, Mandarin and English. She has lived in Australia for twelve years, barracks for the Titans, surfs and is as much an Aussie as anyone in this country.

For several months she has been applying for guide positions with various Australian tour groups. One after another she has submitted her resume, one after another the companies have said no. Often the jobs went to people less well qualified, with less experience, and certainly with less personality.

To her credit, with each knock-back Lonnie asked what she did wrong, or how she could improve. Curiously, each time the tour companies were reluctant to provide details. For Lonnie it was incredibly frustrating – she knew she would be ideal as a tour operator, but her attempts to break into the industry were always met with firm but polite rejections.

Quite by chance Lonnie stumbled upon the National Crime Check. This is a service that, for a small fee, will provide you with a police background check on yourself. Her parents had told Lonnie they had had some problems when immigrating to Australia. But these problems, they told her had all been solved.

Lonnie decided to check. She filled out a Police Check application form and submitted it online. Within forty eight hours she received a full criminal backgroundNational Crime Check history check.

What she found surprised her and solved the riddle of her job application rejections. When Lonnie and her family immigrated to Australia they breached one minor federal law in their paperwork. It was nothing more than a submission gone to the wrong department; but it set off red flags within the Federal Police.

Of course the Federal Police have far more important things to do than chase up the paperwork of law abiding, tax paying citizens. They have real criminals to bring to justice. And so Lonnie’s red flag remained in the system ignored by everyone.

Everyone, that is, except potential employers. For the position of Australian tour guide very competitive. Tour companies have the right – one might almost say the obligation – to choose the best. When there are so many people applying for so few positions anything, even missing paperwork, can count against you.

And so it was in Lonnie’s case.

With the information provided by National Crime Check Lonnie was able to clear up the discrepancy and have her red flag removed. She now works as a tour guide in the gorgeous Whitsundays.

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