MilduraThe friendly town of Mildura provides holiday goers with the ideal setting to relax, dine and explore. With plenty of affordable caravan and camping spots, Mildura is the perfect place for families to visit during the school Summer holidays. Its authentic, laid-back Australian culture and plethora of mesmerising natural surrounds also makes it ideal for backpackers, adventure-seekers or even couples. Set upon the bountiful Murray Darling River, Mildura is simply teeming with abundant cultural, natural and adventurous activities.

Wine and Dine

The Mildura region is highly renowned for its local wine and abundant local produce. There is a huge range of cafes, restaurants, garden markets and cellar doors on offer, providing you with bona fide taste of of the real Mildura. Mildura’s irrigated agricultural land provides large proportions of Australia’s dried fruit, grapes, citrus, almonds, olives and more. And you know you’ll be getting the richest, freshest flavours from this bountiful land. Experience the hype of the region’s growing viticulture scene or try out the delicacies from celebrity chef, Stefano de Pieri’s flagship restaurant. Stay at the renowned  Aspen Parks for easy access to all of these gourmet murray-milduraand authentically local wining and dining precincts. 


Regardless of your age, athletic ability or interest, Mildura will be sure to offer activities to excite anyone and everyone. With a busy calendar of festivals and events all year round, you can rest assured that your appetite for culture, arts, sport or music will be sated here. Take part in a range of fun activities from hot air ballooning, to outdoor and motosports such as golf, tennis or go kart racing or even try out some of the watersports on offer such as paddleboating or kayaking. For the history nuts, there’s a number of museums and historical sites, for those looking to be pampered there are plenty of shopping, spa and market opportunities, and there is also a regional arts hub for budding artists, writers or performers.

Natural Attractions

mildura desertOf course last but not least is Mildura’s host of natural attractions. Mildura is home to some of the most stunning and diverse scenery Australia has to offer. With over one million hectares of national parks in the surrounding vicinity, you have the chance to witness ancient dunes, local aboriginal history, rich Australian flora and fauna, Pink Lakes, wetland landscapes and unique desert just to name a few. Staying at the convenient Golden River Holiday Park Mildura and taking part in a variety of tours would take away any excess stress and allow you to relax and enjoy all of the many wonderful sights and experiences this incredible region has to offer. 

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Growing up in Santa Cruz, California, I was a keen surfer and beach junkie from early on. My first overseas trip was to the Caribbean, and I've been chasing the summer sun ever since. I wrapped up my media degree at uni, and decided to move to Australia. The land downunder is full of beaches, babes and brilliant adventures. I'm just hitch-hiking my way around this sunny paradise, one travel blog at a time.
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  1. Christa Rexa says:

    I used to spend my holidays in Mildura during the last years. Great place I really love it.

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