Melbourne Music Week

Melbourne Music Week

Music festivals are everywhere these days. Agents bring in artists from all over the world to perform to crowds of thousands. You get sweaty, rowdy, and uncomfortably close to the people around you. It’s a new kind of music appreciation that’s taken the world by storm. But there is another way you can enjoy and engage with music. Melbourne Music Week has given us a refreshing and local way to reconnect with Melbourne music in its hometown. Melbourne Music Week celebrates and supports the city’s thriving, world-class music scene, and the program this year is the biggest yet. More than 100 events, more than 230 artists, and a staggering 75 event partners come together to create a diverse line-up, staged in almost 60 unique locations across the city. The chance to embrace music the old-fashioned way is here, so get yourself down to dear old Melbourne.

What to expect at Melbourne Music Week?

Scattered across the CBD and outskirts of Melbourne city, over 100 events will be held, celebrating the exciting world that is Melbourne music. The festival runs from 15th to 24th November, and will amaze all of your senses. The Residence is the main location for the event, and is a brand new, pop-up venue and complete entertainment precinct. Picture an enormous futuristic dome in which a spectacular fusion of video mapping, light installations and digital arts will combine with gorgeous music that will make your ears smile.

Melbourne Music Week

Step outside the dome and you’ll find the People’s Garden, offering a diverse wonderland of food and retail gifts – free of course. The host of other unique locations across Melbourne will blow your mind in a similar fashion; you only need to explore the offerings of Melbourne Music Week to discover them.

Who to expect?

Expect a line-up of more than 230 artists, with 75% of these artists originating in Victoria. Music heavyweights like Gotye will pair up with oldie-but-goodies like Renee Geyer. From the glorious sounds of Gold Fields, to the funky beats of Club Kids, you’ll find a tune for every music lover. For a full list of artists, program schedule and what else you can expect from the Melbourne Music Week, frolic through this magical music site.

Where to stay?

Because naturally you won’t waste a plane ticket on just one day, you should absolutely consider staying in the heart of Melbourne CBD. Surround yourself with the fantastic spread of musical goodness in Melbourne city hotel accommodation. If you want somewhere to stay that will literally fall in the heart of it all, try somewhere in Swanston Street or CBD Melbourne Hotel accommodation. We recommend The Swanston Hotel; with its gorgeous rooms and super centrality to everything, you can’t go wrong.

Melbourne Music Week

The Melbourne Music Week is an exciting, refreshing and sublime way to appreciate music. It brings back the real meaning of ‘local’, and reminds Melbourne – and all its visitors – just how wonderful the local tunes of Australia are. Join the fun at Melbourne Music Week, and explore the perfect harmony of good music, good food and good company all in one.

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