McKnights Air and the Philatelic Solution

Stamp collectionMark is a stamp enthusiast living in the city of Perth. He belongs to local, state and national philatelic societies. He is well-known for his collection and vast knowledge of Australian and British stamps. Mark had kept his collection in the basement of his house, but the time had come for a purpose built storage shed.

This presented something of a problem, because stamps are sensitive objects. Mark had always cared for his collection the best he could. But some of the more rare pieces demanded an environment he just didn’t have.

Building a lock-up shed was not the problem. A friend within the philatelic community was happy to do this for him. The problem came when Mark had to decide upon the type of air-conditioning required to keep his precious collection safe.

And this is crucial. Too much humidity can destroy stamps, too little can make them brittle and wash the dyes used to color them.

Mark phone all over Perth. McKnights Air offered to install split system McKinght'sair-conditioning with very sensitive humidity control. As anyone in Perth can attest, the heat and humidity vary greatly, often with brutal consequences to the poor citizens.

‘Air-conditioners pretty much all do the same thing?’ That’s what Mark thought too. But a brief tour of the McKnights showroom disabused him of that notion. Mitsubishi, Daikin, Advantage Air, Toshiba, Samsung … all different models – the sheer variety was almost overwhelming; and each of them with different capabilities. The salesperson was able to explain this in a way Mark could understand and relate it to what he needed for his prized collection.

McKnights Air needed to see the proposed schematics of the shed. They worked very closely with the builder and liaised often and purposefully with Mark, to be sure they delivered exactly what he needed.

It is this care, Mark said, that really impressed him. It wasn’t that any of the workmen were stamp enthusiasts; they just wanted to do a good job.


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