Margaret River Wineries

margaret riverIt hasn’t even been 50 years since the first grapes were planted in Margaret River winery estates, and yet the reputation of one of the finest wineries in the world makes it an ultimate destination. More of an adults holiday than kids funpark, the Margaret River wineries have got a lot to offer. The region is famous for producing chardonnay full of great intensity and character. Likewise, the cabernet sauvignon and cabernet blends are praised for their delicate balance of fruit flavours. And let’s not even get started on their show-stopping shiraz or sauvignon semillon blancs. Whether you’re a white drinker or a red, if you enjoy a luxurious weekend away from the kids, or want to explore the finest winery Australia has to offer, Margaret River is definitely  the place to be.

“Life is too short to drink bad wine”

The Margaret River Wineries tours are the best way to explore the region, sampling the finest local produce there is on offer. A Top Drop is the highest acclaimed wine tour in the Margaret River, with only a handful of people per tour to get the most out of your guides and the wine they present you with. The Margaret River tour takes you for a full day of the best wines, the best guides, and one of the best lunches you’re likely to encounter.

Margaret RiverCheers Wine Tour is a little different, in that as well as tasting some of the fine Margaret River wines, you’ll also visit a chocolate factory, cheese factory, venison farm and a brewery. You’ll be wined and dined at the Watershed Winery, topping off a fabulous six hours. Bushtucker River & Wine Tours have a ‘see more, do more’ approach, taking you on a river tour as well as wine and brewery tours. And finally, Wine For Dudes tour offers a unique experience aimed at pleasing the ladies, as well as catering for the gents. You’ll be offered a rare wine blending experience, barrel tastings, gourmet lunch and a cruise down the river.

Taking the Margaret River home

Margaret RiverWhen you leave, no doubt you’ll want to take a little part of the Margaret River home with you, namely some fantastic wine. Well, lucky for you, a major supplier of wine in the region, Burch Family Wines, helps you take (and continue to receive) that special something you found on your glorious trip to the River. You can now order Margaret River Wines online, straight from the heart of wine country.

If you’re after a bit of an escape, be it a weekend or a week, and you’re in search of a relaxed, beautiful area to escape to, we might have found your perfect match. The little gem, known as the Margaret River, holds the highest of reputations throughout the world, and gives adults a bit of fun away from the urban grind of working life. Check out this index of cute places to stay, and make your trip one to remember. The Margaret River is calling…

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