Making Overseas Travel Cheap and Easy

cheap travelWhen planning grand overseas travel across the globe, the exciting adventure can often become downtrodden with convoluted planning complexities and ridiculous costs that will leave you paying back seemingly endless debts for the better part of the next decade of your life.There are a number of ways you can avoid such exorbitant planning or costs with a few easy websites, tips, or particular travel companions.


Skyscanner is a fantastic website, which immediately compares flights from airlines all over the world and provides you with the cheapest options. It is the most comprehensive and fastest flight comparison site for overseas travel as it scans millions of flights in just a few seconds. Comparing so many flights at the one time will not only save you plenty of time (not to mention avoiding opening a million tabs or windows at once) but it will also provide you with the cheapest options between almost any two locations in the world. The free service also helps you discover the cheapest hostels and car hire.


When it comes to accommodation overseas, one of the best resources is TripAdvisor. With heaps of reviews from real people who have actually been to these places, you can receive accurate and unbiased advice from people just like you. Tripdvisor also include lots of helpful information such as prices, location, links and more.

It is important to keep in mind that accommodation can add up to be an incredibly expensive aspect of your trip. Keeping accommodation costs under control is very easy if you just do a little bit of extra research and prepare yourself to stay in some hostels or budget accommodation occasionally. Rather than staying in 5 star resorts every night, why not mix it up between luxury and cheaper accommodation? Particularly if you will only be spending nighttime sleeping in the accommodation, it is a much better option to simply stay at a motel or hostel rather than wasting money on services and facilities you won’t use.

global simCommunication

Everybody Loves being able to communicate with their loved ones during overseas travel. New mobile and internet technology makes it very simple to communicate via WIFI – sites and applications like Skype, Viber, Facebook and What’sApp make communicating during overseas travel significantly cheaper and less complicated.

However, for safety reasons and ease of access, it is a great idea to get yourself an international and global roaming SIM card. Simply putting your phone on global roaming will rack you up a bill worth a house deposit. On the other hand, buying phones or SIM cards in every country you visit will become so tiresome, difficult and unnecessarily expensive it is similarly as foolish. The answer is to buy a United Global Sim. With capabilities in over 200 countries, very affordable prices,  and the ability to recharge online, SIM card roaming makes communicating with anyone regardless of where you or they are the easiest cheapest it’s ever been.

With these small tips, you can drastically reduce the price of flights, accommodation and communication during overseas travel; often the most expensive parts of an overseas trip. It will also reduce a lot of the stress associated with overseas  travel, meaning you can worry more about relaxing or having fun rather than figuring out how to tell your mum you’re still alive.

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