Limestone Coast – Road Trip off the Beaten Track

Limestone Coast, AustraliaAustralia is swarming with incredible, world renowned locations that cause people from all over the globe to trek to our shores. Australia is just as abound with areas that are not so well known but are just as stunning – and they are often all the more isolated, mesmerising and worthwhile. Limestone Coast in South Australia’s South-East is one such region.

The Limestone Coast encapsulates all the gorgeous beach scenery, incredible natural wonders, pristine national parks and exquisite local produce that we love about South Australia. Limestone coast is dotted with a plethora of features and natural attractions that will be sure to make a road trip in this section of the great ‘Down Under’ truly unforgettable.

Because the area is quite isolated and there are a number of adventurous and dangerous activities to take part in, it is always a good idea to check out Cheap Travel Insurance in Australiabefore hitting the road. While you’re there, make sure your health insurance is up to date to avoid any nasty, unexpected costs.

Umpherston Sinkhole

One of the most unbelievable locations you can’t miss in the Limestone Coast region is the Umpherston Sinkhole. Also referred to as the Sunken Garden, the sinkhole appears to have emerged from the pages of a fairytale rather than collapsed cave. After the roof collapsed, James Umpherston converted the area into a majestic garden in the 1880s.

Coorong National Park

The Coorong is easily one of the most distinguishable and revered sites of the Limestone Coast region. It constitutes a fecund lagoon landscape that stretches for 145km. It is separated from the coast by the dunes of the coorongYounghusband Peninsula. It is the mouth of the Murray River and an extension of Lake Alexandrina and Lake Albert. With more than 200 species of waterbirds, the region is an absolute paradise for avid birdwatchers. It is also a great spot for 4WD-ing, fishing and boating.


Beachport is the preeminent attraction town of the Limestone Coast region largely on account of its lobsters and lighthouses. One lobster in particular, a rather large lobster in fact, is specifically worth the visit. The Big Lobster in Kingston South East, known as Larry by the locals, lays claim to being one of the largest crustaceans in the world – and at 17m tall and weighing 4 tonnes we can see why! Beachtown is also home to one of the world’s longest jetties and has 6 lighthouses lining the treacherous coastline.

Naracoorte Caves

The world heritage listed has 26 caves which range from easy-to-traverse to expert levels. All of them, however, contain awe-inspiring natural formations that you have to see to believe. The area is home to some astonishing megafauna skeleton and fossil finds. There is always danger associated with caving, so if you’re not feeling confident, take a look at insurance from HIF to give you piece of mind before entering the murky yet exciting depths of the Naracoorte Caves.

Wine Regions

coonawarra wineryThe Limestone Coast is saturated with a near endless (there’s actually just above 40) cellar doors sourced from the esteemed Coonawarra, Wrattonbully, Mount Benson and Padthaway wine regions. Prepare the pallet for an experience of a lifestyle with an incredible array of local wines, and while you’re there make the most of the delicious and authentic local produce such as honey, native preserves, pickled walnuts, emu mettwurst

Mount Gambier’s Blue Lake

There are many theories surrounding the incredibly vibrant turquoise blue colour that Mount Gambier’s blue lake, which sits on an extinct volcano, between November and March. Regardless though, it happens and it is phenomenal.

Piccaninnie Ponds

For the snorkelling experience of a lifetime you must visit the Piccaninnie ponds in on the South-Eastern edge of South Australia’s border. Witnessing the abundant ecology underneath the water surface provides you with spectacular views of what is known as a ‘wetland of international importance’.

If you’re still not convinced on the the worth of taking a road trip through the Limestone Coast, check out this video to ignite your imagination and set your heart on fire!

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  1. Tony Franciosi says:

    My experience there some years ago was amazing, Mount Gambier truly is memorable for a lifetime and a half.

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