Lean Fields and the Truth About Land Clearing

When Pete arrived in Chinchilla he had no idea of what to expect. It was 2011, Pete was a consulting engineer with Lean Fields Developments. He was in Chinchilla as part of the Bellevue Field mulching program. But he wasn’t sure of the reception he would get.

Lot 8 North Street Chinchilla QLD House for sale http://www.thehomepage.com.auYou see the Lean Field Mulching Division is in the highly controversial field of land clearing. And there seems to be a great deal of misinformation surrounding the impact of their service.

It’s a messy debate, with many trenchant views. Suffice it to say that if you want to use the land, in any way, you have to clear it first. And there are good and bad ways to do this. Lean Field were there to clear the Bellevue Field for a Mining Company wishing to extend its zoning. There were the usual objections by environmental groups, but nothing from the residents of Chinchilla. They welcomed the development.

chinchilla_wierFor those who haven’t been to Chinchilla – it’s beautiful. Flat, leafy, grassy; it has that wide-open feel only the Australian Outback can provide. It is neither scorched nor empty. Chinchilla has lakes and forests, big blue skies and rich earth. But what affected Pete most was the quiet. If you’re from the city you should visit Chinchilla for that if nothing else. The quiet, to those not used to it, can be almost unnerving.

Anyway, the thing Pete realized when he arrived at Chinchilla was that the protestors you see marching on State Government Houses around the country never actually live where the proposed land clearing or mining take place. They are usually people with firm opinions and no skin in the game. They, in other words, are protesting to affect the lives of others without even consulting them.

Even so, Pete trod lightly. Environmental groups would watch the land clearing very carefully. If Lean Fields went one centimetre beyond the allotted limits there’d be hell to pay.

Here’s something most people don’t know – the land clearing tractors used by Lean Fields machineMulching make less of an impact in the earth than a human footprint. It’s because of the wide tractor-based wheels spreading the weight of the machine. So only what has to be removed goes. There is no residual damage getting to and from the site. In fact, the environmental groups watching the land clearing often do more damage to the bushland than the land clearers themselves.

Maybe the land clearing companies should protest?

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