The Last Bastion of Truth – Compu-Store

When the business I belong to needed an off-site storage facility for all its ‘sensitive’ documents I was charged with finding it. Unexpectedly, it became quite an interesting exercise, one that had me questioning a lot of assumptions.

In the course of my investigation I spoke with the staff at Compu-Store. They ended up with the contract to store our documents as they have the most secure facilities and the highest ease of access for the rightful owners.

02022010 - 218 - LRThese people take their job seriously: They have off-site storage facilities climate controlled to 21 degrees centigrade and 40% humidity, they have fire doors guaranteed to withstand flames for four hours; they have a fully functioning Chubb 200 gas fire suppression system, and state-of-the-art electronic security systems with electronic secure keycode access for authorised personnel only.

I could find no safer or better organized document and data storage facility.

But what intrigued me most was the need for it at all.


Since I was a boy I’ve been told to pursue the truth and to always be truthful. While I was touring the Compu-Store Data and Document Protection and Storage Facility I was impressed with this being the final bastion of truth in society.

Nobody lies to themselves, at least not purposefully. So the documents stored by Compu-Store are documents that are the truth. After-all, who would pay to store untrue documents? No purpose would be served.

32-38 Burns Road, AltonaFurthermore, these documents of truth must contain truths the owners want kept secret. Otherwise they would just load them onto Google Drive – as safe and ubiquitous a storage facility as ever existed; but one not entirely theft proof.

Which lead me to the question: What kinds of truths need to be hidden?

I could only answer: Truths that damage or weaken; either their owner or someone else.

So perhaps the pursuit of truth is not always a good thing? The very existence of document and data storage and retrieval services like Compu-Store can only attest to such a conclusion? But it’s nice to know that the truth is still considered worthy of keeping alive, even if it is hidden. No matter how damaging or weakening the truths within the Compu-Store facility, they are still kept in existence. And that has to be a good thing.

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