Is Kayaking the Answer to Your Fitness Woes?

“Kayaking!? I don’t know anything about Kayaking!”

kayaking-manly-150x150Our boss took the plunge and invested in a package of corporate personal training sessions with Fitness Angels, in Sydney. Like the rest of us she knows she should be more active. Like the rest of us the thought of grinding out rep’s in the gym leaves her cold. Fitness Angels caught her eye because they offer lunchtime kayaking sessions – something that has to be more fun than the gym.

So, one Tuesday those of us intrepid enough assembled on the foreshore of Lavender Bay. Laura, our instructor, welcomed us with a big smile and an armful of lifejackets. “Who knows how to kayak?” she asked.


Laura went through the basics with us on land. It wasn’t that hard.

I’ll be honest I really didn’t see how windmilling those paddles would improve my fitness. Any exercise, in the end, comes down to the effort you’re willing to put in – and I’m a shirker from way back. ‘At least,’ I thought, ‘it gets me out of the office.’ And there is something to that alone: Just being able to see the sky and feel the breeze is a health benefit. For me, it was health benefit enough.

I was in for a surprise.

Once Laura had taught us to paddle she got us playing games. We played these games against paddlingone another and found ourselves trying without really meaning to. We played a kind of kayaking volleyball, where the ball carrier could only make ten paddle-strokes before passing or shooting for the goal. We had short races around a series of buoys. We had races going backwards! We had a whole lot of fun.

Lavendar Bay is beautiful anytime. But floating on the cool water, in the bright sunshine, smelling the salt water and feeling your muscles relax after hard paddling is special.

After a shower, back at the office, everyone was focused and energized and ready to work.

As you’ll see from the pictures fitness Angels have corporate and social paddles all around Sydney. Get active, have fun, sign up today.

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