Kangaroo Island

The rising sea levels around lower South Australia did what we now know as Kangaroo Island a world of good all those thousands of years ago. Being separated from the mainland has meant that Kangaroo Island’s untouched beauty can remain as unspoiled and stunning as ever. The 509km of rugged coastline and 155km stretch of pristine wilderness connecting its East and West coasts  is Australia’s third largest island.

The island is home to less than 5000 human inhabitants but provides habitat for innumerable rare, native animals. The wild domain of Kangaroo Island is the perfect location for an indulgent and adventurous experience like no other.

After just a short ferry or plane ride from South Australia’s south coast, you will set foot upon a tranquil location that on top of incredible natural beauty also has a rich cultural history, produces some of the most exquisite wine and cuisine and offers some of the most awe-inspiring  original artwork.

With wildlife parks, lavender farms, horse riding experiences and a whole suite of eco-adventure, there’ll surely be something to fulfil everyone’s idea of a dream holiday.

Kangaroo Island offers paintballing, sand boarding or quad bike tours for the kids; adventure caving or ocean safaris for the daring; water cruises, snorkelling, scuba-diving, sailing, fishing and surfing for the waterbirds; a seemingly never-ending web of tracks winding all through the island’s incredible natural landscapes simply waiting for nature-lovers to explore; for the cultured there are museums and distillery’s galore; and for the relaxers there are countless resorts and retreats at which you can totally pamper or heal yourself.

If you’re looking for something a little less pricey than a luxurious resort, there is a huge range of accommodation options from self-contained private escapes, to budget hostels or motels, camping spots or bed and breakfasts. Need we say more? Well yes, actually, we do.

Because we haven’t even mentioned all the incredible beaches and bays lining the coast. There are picturesque beaches that have some of the bluest water and whitest sand you may ever witness, bays that experience the most divine sunsets, as well as simple, secluded beaches and bays with towering cliffs. There are just too many to mention so take a look at the Beaches and Coast splendours on offer. 

The locally produced food and wine also requires special mention as Kangaroo island will be sure to set your pallet, taste buds and hearts on fire.  The Farm Gate and Cellar Door Trail is a perfect example of some of the incredible gourmet produce on offer, allowing you to experience some of the delectable wine from their many wineries,  as well as honey, fresh seafood, cider, emu bay lavender and much more.


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Growing up in Santa Cruz, California, I was a keen surfer and beach junkie from early on. My first overseas trip was to the Caribbean, and I've been chasing the summer sun ever since. I wrapped up my media degree at uni, and decided to move to Australia. The land downunder is full of beaches, babes and brilliant adventures. I'm just hitch-hiking my way around this sunny paradise, one travel blog at a time.
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